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Speakers, Presenters, and Performers

Archived Shows

Special Guest: Jean Slatter

Hiring the Heavens and Hired BY the Heavens

Founder and presenter of the Creative Mystic Certification Program designed to teach others how to access their Higher Wisdom. She has been an inspirational speaker at popular conventions for over 10 years and is the author of the hugely successful book, "Hiring the Heavens". Jean believes it is our true nature to be powerful creators.
Her programs and materials invite purposeful serendipity into our lives and show us how to connect with our higher wisdom and intuition in a simple, down to earth way.

Special Guest: Jean Houston

Dr. Jean Houston, scholar, philosopher and researcher in human capacities, is one of the foremost visionary thinkers and doers of our time, one of the principal founders of the Human Potential Movement. A powerful and dynamic speaker, she holds conferences and seminars with social leaders, educational institutions and business organizations worldwide.

Jean Houston has worked intensively in 40 cultures and 100 countries helping to enhance and deepen their own uniqueness while they become part of the global community. Her ability to inspire and invigorate people enables her to readily convey her vision - the finest possible achievement of the individual potential.


Special Guest: Faith Riveara

Kauai-born singer, songwriter, and a 2003 Emmy-winner returns to Ken's show to discuss her new album and her upcoming appearence at the Awakening Conference on February 6th in San Marcos, Texas.

This island girl's sense of aloha & community service has been recognized by Artists for a Better World for her Outstanding Contribution as an Artist, as well as the City & County of LA, and the California State Senate & Assembly. In May 2008, she was honored with the first Biggest Giver Award by Humanity Unites Brilliance, an organization transforming the planet through empowering humanitarian programs in the U.S., Africa & abroad.


Special Guest: Lucinda Drayton 
Blissful Music are Lucinda Drayton and Andrew Blissett. Together they make up one of the most exciting and creative musical partnerships in the uk today. Both have been practicing Yogis for 10 years and it is this way of life that gives their work authenticity and power. Blissful Music has been used by many to see them through stressful times; to help them in healing illnesses and to uplift them during times of grief or loss.


Special Guest: Paula Muran

Paula Muran, awakened Spiritual Teacher, Author, Speaker and Medical Intuitive/Empath.

Paula’s mission is to awaken in humanity a deep LOVE that lasts forever. Her messages are simple, yet profound statements of truth and teach us how to “Believe we are Worthy of Love!”

An expert at reading energy, Paula’s strength lies in re-sculpting limiting beliefs into a positive new foundation. Her
extraordinary gift is the ability to hone deeply into the core self and identify the underlying causes of unhappiness and
fear—helping achieve a new life. She creates programs and practices that allow a more conscious path to self-realization (enlightenment).

Paula created the Sovereign Light System of Emotional Healing--a comprehensive emotional healing program designed to strengthen core foundations, produced the best selling guided meditation, Purify the Body Temple, authored Codes of Light—The Power of Our Beliefs. Spanning 23 years, Paula leads life-changing retreats, talks and travels to sacred sites-- Peru 2009 or Egypt 2010.

Awaken to Your Enlightenment

At the Awakening Conference, May 15th, from 1-4 pm,

It’s time to AWAKEN! Paula Muran awakened Spiritual Teacher provides a new recipe for your enlightenment.

Enlightenment is a personal experience and no matter where you are on your path to awakening, Paula unlocks the gate to set you free on a direct path to discover your true Divine Higher-Self.

This powerful workshop opens doors to your enlightenment.

  • Create sacred union— between the feminine and masculine polarities
  • Detach from fear and unworthiness, denial and confusion,
  • Discover the patterns that construct your ‘core’
  • As above, so below—heal the separation between the lower and higher Self—
  • Powerful meditations, breathe work and visualizations to recapture your Divine Self

Open to receive love and rest peacefully in pristine silence to calm the restless mind, release karmic patterns and move beyond your personal story into a limitless expression of love and grace!

Special Guests: Dr. Theresa Ramsey

Personalize Your Wellness!
Creation Requires Consciousness

We have such an awesome opportunity to indulge in self-care. It doesn’t cost any money at all to get into a mindset of wellbeing. Until we receive the courage to choose to accept rather than resist the body’s messages, there is no food, no supplement, no medication, and no surgery that will make any difference at all in our long-term goals of wellbeing. We often miss the first step on our journey as we look far into the distance at our goals.

The opportunity to be the best we can be is right here, right now. I challenge each of you to grab hold of the true meaning of surrender, where you will find the greatest power on your healing path. Together, let’s expand our appreciation of the three bodies we have all been blessed with. Our physical body requires awareness, and we will explore this without attachment. Our energetic body requires respect, which we will appreciate as the expressive space between our cells and our personality. Our mental/emotional (personality) body will blossom into trusting the action of choosing ease, the direct opposite of dis-ease.

I invite you to share in this amazing opportunity of embracing the immediate shift that is yours at your wanting.
Theresa Ramsey, N.M.D., has a private practice in Paradise Valley, Arizona specializing in Lifestyle Enrichment, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy and Weight Loss. She has enjoyed treating all ages all conditions from the perspective of functional medicine, which addresses the cause to disease outcomes. Her practice over the past thirteen years has evolved into one of the most sought out vital aging clinics in the United States. Her success is largely due to individualized care, personalized testing and quality time spent with patients which is necessary to explore the many levels of wellness.

Dr. Ramsey is most passionate about educating the public on how to become active participants in their health care, thriving most on her ability to inspire self-honor in the process of creating wellbeing. She is the author of Healing 101; Creating the Foundation for Complete Wellness, and is a weekly health care expert on local Your Life A to Z, Channel 3, every Tuesday @ 9:00 am since 2007.


Special Guest: KC Miller

Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path

KC Miller is the author of the self-published book, Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path and she is taking the country by storm with what is becoming known as a Toe Reading phenomena. People are standing in line for hours to have their toes read and people are emailing pictures of their toes by the dozens to have their sole portrait analyzed.

KC Miller was featured on MTV's #1 dating reality program NEXT as a Toe Psychic. Dozens of article have been published about her work as a Toe Reader and the revealing information that your sole/soul holds. KC is the founder and director of the Award-winning private college, Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, one of the largest providers of holistic healthcare education in the country. She and her staff have trained over 300 hundred people in the art of Toe Reading.

KC is a longtime reflexologist, Polarity practitioner, Life Coach and Ordained Minister. Of all the titles she could claim, the one she chooses to use most is - Instrument of Spirit.



Special Guest: Bronwyn Marmo

Love the Body You Have to Have the Body You Love

Weight Loss Success Coach, Bronwyn Marmo, appears regularly on Phoenix Channel 3's, Your Life A to Z. In her television segment SpotLite On Success, she introduces a new weight loss success star who has overcome insurmountable odds to successfully lose weight and keep it off.
Bronwyn, a bestselling & award-winning author, brings hope to anyone who is searching for peace with food, weight, body image and self-esteem. Her book, The Food Is A Lie: The Truth Is Within, is the WINNER of the Outstanding Book of the Year Award for Most Life Changing.

Bronwyn is a Monday weekly guest on Channel 3, Your Life A to Z .



Special Guest: Greg Peterson

"Living Green...What Does it Mean?"

There are so many questions about just what it means to live green AND there are so many choices to be made. Where does one start? Join Green Expert Greg Peterson as he answers your questions and inspires you with simple, fun and guilt free steps any of us can take every day that DO make a difference. You'll walk away from his talk saying "I can do that!"

Greg Peterson, received his Masters degree in Environmental Planning in December 2006, and his Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies at ASU in 2004. In 2001 Greg created a new concept called the Urban Farm, a real world environmental showcase home in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona. The Urban Farm offers classes, lectures and tours throughout the year.
Greg Peterson is a writer, teacher and lecturer on many aspects of sustainability. His passion is to present the concepts so that the receiver can conceptualize and implement the technology into their own space. He is currently a contributing writer for Phoenix Magazine, Edible Phoenix and is a primary writer and host for the new television show Smart Spaces: Inside & Out Greg has owned several businesses in his life and has an extensive background in the world of technology having run a computer training and software development company from 1986 to 2003.


Special Guest: John Randolph Price

Awakening Conference Speaker

John Randolph Price is an internationally known lecturer and author of eighteen nonfiction books incorporating ancient wisdom, contemporary metaphysics and spiritual philosophy. Several of his books have been national bestsellers. In 1981, with the publishing of his first book, The Superbeings, he and his wife, Jan, formed The Quartus Foundation for Spiritual Research. John is chairman of the board. He has since been the keynote speaker for such organizations as the National Peace Symposium, the Sun Valley Mountain Wellness Festival, the Association for Research and Enlightenment, the International New Thought Alliance, and the Center for Positive Living. Teaming with Jan, he has conducted hundreds of workshops from coast to coast on material from his books. He and Jan were the originators of World Healing Day that began on December 31, 1986, with over 500-million participants world wide, and the event has continued each year on the same date.


Special Guests: Tama J. Kieves

*Tama J. Kieves*, an honors graduate of Harvard Law School, left her law practice with a large corporate law firm to write and to embolden others to live and breathe their most meaningful self-expression. She is the best-selling author of *THIS* *TIME I DANCE! **Creating the Work You Love/**How One Harvard Lawyer Left It All to Have It All *((c)2003 Tarcher/Penguin) which was chosen as a Finalist for the national Nautilus Book Award, along with the Dalai Lama's *The Art of Happiness*.

Tama will be a speaker at the Awakening Conference

Special Guest: Tammy Holmes

Awakening Conference Organizer / Producer

As a lecturer, medium and spiritual coach, Tammy Holmes has helped countless people find peace and well-being. She founded Stay Awake Productions in 2000 to help others heal, learn and grow - spiritually and emotionally. She leaves each participant walking away from every event and session at a much higher vibration. Tammy is widely sought. In the past twelve years she has coached and read over 20,000 people. She tours internationally to combine her talent with the study and teaching of *A Course in Miracles*. Tammy has been interviewed by People Magazine and is often in the news. She has even worked with the police to help solve crimes. Tammy is guided by the conviction that, by letting go of destructive emotions, we also let go of self sabotaging behaviors.

Special Guests: Carolyn Sutherland

Caroline Sutherland is a bestselling author, medical intuitive and motivational speaker. She assists thousands of people with general health concerns, healthy aging, weight loss, nutritional supplements and life style changes*. The key to medical intuition or any other intuitive ability is a quiet, receptive mind. The rational or trained mind becomes the filter through which the intuitive impressions are received. Meditation, prayer, and quiet receptivity are prerequisites for this ability. Medical intuition comes from the spiritual level; where everything is known.

Carolyn will be a speaker at the Awakening Conference


Special Guest: Dehbora Taylor

Awakening Conference Speaker

Dehbra Taylor Intuitive Development Strategist, Author, Speaker, Consultant, Numerologist and Spiritual Counselor. Throughout Dehbra's career, in both the public and private sector, her focus has always been on empowering others to achieve their greatest potential.


Special Guest: Doreen Banaszak

Awakening Conference Speaker

Doreen Banaszak is the author of Excuse Me, Your Life Is Now. Now both a teacher and life coach, she left a 15-year corporate career to finally create the life and business she really wanted. Through her teaching, writing, and coaching, she has been instrumental in helping people create the lives they really want,not the lives they think they should have.

Special Guest: Heather Ash Amora

Awakening Conference Speaker

Heather Ash Amara weaves the most powerful practices of shamanic traditions to support each individual in the manifestation of their highest potential. She apprenticed under shamanic healer Vicki Noble and was initiated as a High Priestess in 1991 by Wiccan Priestess Cerridwen Falling star. Beginning in 1994 she apprenticed with and taught extensively with don Miguel Ruiz before founding the Toltec Center of Creative Intent in 2001. She has facilitated hundreds of workshops and firewalks over the past fifteen years, is featured in the book You Can Do It! as a fire walking mentor, and co-taught a firewalk for National Geographic in 1997. She is the author of The Four Elements of Change and Toltec Tarot.


Special Guest: Karen Russo

Awakening Conference Speaker

With her unusual blend of experience as an MBA from Columbia University, an accomplished corporate trainer, an award winning sales person, and an ordained minister with the United Centers for Spiritual Living, Karen shares insights from over 20 years of success in secular and spiritual realms. Karen Russo is your angel of affluence in conscious wealth building, your spiritual advisor in personal finance, and your guide in taking your money life from mundane to masterful.

Special Guest: Jason & deMarco

Awakening Conference Performers

With the international release of their album, Till the End of Time, Jason & deMarco became familiar names to music fans around the world. Their first single "Trying to Get to You" climbed the Billboard Charts and their second single, "This is Love" won "Music Video of the Year 2006" on MTV's LOGO. A remix of "This is Love" along with their newest dance release, "It's Okay", both produced by DJ Scotty K, were both added to Abercrombie & Fitch's playlist and have been heard in stores worldwide.

Special guest: Ester Nicholson

Featured Performer at The Awakening Conference

The daughter of a Baptist minister and raised in a home with strong gospel roots, Ester Nicholson has taken her music around the globe performing as a vocalist with Rod Stewart, Bette Midler, Brenda Russell, Al Green, Faith Hill, Beyonce, Carol King, Barbara Streisand and many others. But the real story of Ester Nicholson is not her famous performances on Good Morning America or on tours around the world. The untold story is her recovery from drug addiction through her genuine love of the Divine, and the incredible life transformation that resulted from that love. Through years of work, study and prayer, Ester has been reborn as a successful musical artist, businesswoman and inspirational speaker.

Special Guests: Maxine Taylor

Based in Atlanta, Maxine Taylor is a true visionary with over forty years of experience in spiritual work. She is an educator, a published author and a gifted speaker with many talents. Maxines's mission in life has been to uncover spiritual truth and apply it to the practical aspects of living. She has devoted herself to sharing her wisdom and experience with others to assist them in leading more successful, fulfilling lives.

Maxine will be a speaker at the Awakening Conference

Special guest: Bronwyn Marmo

Featured Speaker at The Awakening Conference

Bronwyn's Success Coaching is about making major shifts in your life in regards to your health and well-being. You can significantly bring your mind, body and spirit into balance and enjoy more of what life has to offer. Whatever your personal goals are, Bronwyn is here to guide you to them, offering wisdom, compassion and strength.

Special Guest: Jean Slatter

Awakening Conference Speaker

The times we live in call for a new kind of mystic, a Creative Mystic. A Creative Mystic has a foot in both worlds: the physical world of laundry and picking up the kids from soccer plus the spiritual world of synchronicity and magical creation. A Creative Mystic finds Spirit not by retreating from life but my diving more deeply into it.Most of us have heard the idea, "We are spiritual beings having a human experience." We have zealously taken up the challenge of understanding what it means to be "spiritual" by exploring all manner of metaphysics for the elusive goal of enlightenment. It seems to make sense: if I want to be more spiritual, I have to study more about spirituality. In fact, it's just the opposite. It's time to look at things differently. Our primary job as spiritual beings is to fully inhabit and embrace our human experience-to live it, explore it, and love it. The enlightenment we seek is already ours. Once we have the tools to access this innate wisdom we can bring our spirituality into human form where it can be used in daily life, practically and purposefully. This is the journey of a Creative Mystic.


Special Guests: Robert Pease

Robert discusses his new book "Spiritual Bootcamp" It is a discovery of why we attract certain people and things to our lives. The foundation of this work is based on nine spiritual or natural principles that provide keys to awakening our journey to building within each of us a healthy, prospered and fulfilled life. By discovering how our natural talents empowered others­—to effectively increase their ability to enrich there lives—opens us to also receiving more value in our lives. Robert will be at the Awakening Conferences in San Marcos, TX and Mesa AZ.

Special Guest Lucinda Drayton

Featured Singer at The Awakening Conference

Blissful Music are Lucinda Drayton and Andrew Blissett. Together they make up one of the most exciting and creative musical partnerships in the uk today. Both have been practicing Yogis for 10 years and it is this way of life that gives their work authenticity and power. Blissful Music has been used by many to see them through stressful times; to help them in healing illnesses and to uplift them during times of grief or loss.

Special Guest: Faith Riveara, a Kauai-born singer, songwriter, and a 2003 Emmy-winner returns to Ken's show to discuss her new album and her upcoming appearence at the Awakening Conference on February 6th in San Marcos, Texas.

This island girl's sense of aloha & community service has been recognized by Artists for a Better World for her Outstanding Contribution as an Artist, as well as the City & County of LA, and the California State Senate & Assembly. In May 2008, she was honored with the first Biggest Giver Award by Humanity Unites Brilliance, an organization transforming the planet through empowering humanitarian programs in the U.S., Africa & abroad.


Special Guest: Tiffany Masters,

Awakening Conference

A gifted medium / channel has been helping others to heal and assisting them on their spiritual journey toward living a better and healthier life. A Medical Intuitive, Empathic Alternative Healer, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Clairsentient, Tiffany has been publicly working with others to heal and restore their health on all levels of Mind, Body, and Spirit. Having studied all over the world, Tiffany embraces and brings to you, the healing powers of many sacred traditions. Tiffany continues to travel the world today to help and assist in the healing of all who are in need. She currently resides in San Antonio, Texas with her beloved canine and constant companion, Joshua, The Super Dog:

Special Guest: Dale Worley

Awakening Conference performer & speaker

Dale Worley has twelve years experience practicing and expressing the principles of New Thought. Although Dale has been more directly involved with the Unity movement during this time, he also incorporates an understanding of Science of Mind teachings, Native American spirituality, 12-Step principles, and the blessings of living in the present moment into Sacred Place Ministries.



Special Guest: Lauren Robins

Lauren Robins, M.S. Special Education, author, movement educator and licensed massage therapist for 23 years, teaches breath awareness and structural integration seminars for business, organizations and individuals. Her illustrated and informative book, The Palette of Breath: Facts About Breathing, is a guide to conscious breathing geared to all age groups and abilities. Poster Series. The essentials of breath and movement awareness are also available on DVD. Breath and movement affect all the organ systems. Rich oxygenation is needed to run every cell in your body. Lauren's teachings focus on the anatomy and physiology of breath. They also focus on productivity, mental and physical health, and stress management. The class includes the experiential awareness of breath and movement for a healthier lifestyle. It is applicable to all populations.

Lauren's offerings are an interesting blend of science and humor, making the information enjoyable and interesting.




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