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Anne Adametz


Jessica L. Puckett

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- Wednesdays
12 to 1 pm CST  



July 25, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Let's Talk about SEX!

Where did you learn about sex? Time to understand the right sexual information, how to deeply connect with the divine in yourself, in a dignified, beautiful and empowering conversation about Healing our relationship with our sexuality. Find out how to talk to yourself, your partner, and even your kids, about a healthy sexuality. Special Guest: Devi Ward, Authentic Tantra Educator.

July 18, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Purpose of FOOD:

Do you know what your eating and why? Feeling amazing is your opportunity now, find out how, and what is in your way, listen now.

July 11, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)


What is the purpose of relationships? We delve into why we have them, what to do with them, and how to feel LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY once and for all. Let go of tension, victimization, and create a space for beautiful healthy relationships by listening now.

June 27, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)


It's there for a purpose, some anxiety is good. Listen to find out how to tell the difference between anxiety we need, and anxiety we manufacture. Learn how to listen to your body, acknowledge anxiety, and learn how to RESPOND to what your body is telling you. We discuss how to deal with racing mind, in you, your children and family. SPOILER ALERT: something in your home is causing anxiety, find out what it is and how to shut it down by listening now.

June 6, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)


Wondering what the heck is going on with all this CHANGE? Find out the POSITIVE option you can choose
and how to either get bowled over, or Lasso it and make it yours! We discuss how to neutralize karma, energize your
life, and understand emotions, do not miss this hour on the most important year yet!

May 30, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)


The definition of authenticity is "to be of undisputed origin." Do you know your origin?
Are you internally connected? We hear a lot about being "Yourself," just who is your authentic self? We discuss how to be your true self, techniques for accessing your inner voice, and real exercises in living your authentic life.

May 23, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)


Allow Happiness Health and Love Now. Chat with psychic Dr. Robert Pease about what REALLY allows the greatness to flow within. Learn the real SECRET to having it all, and loving it all.

May 16, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)


Do you know what to do with your Anger, Fear, Anxiety or Joy? What do each of these emotions mean and how can we respond to our internal "GPS system?" Learn the ins and outs of the some of the most important tools we can use to navigate our path in this life.

May 2, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Karma Soma Launch Party!

What is Karma Soma and who are Anne Adametz & Jessica Puckett?
In this show we have a blast meeting two powerful, funny and exciting Acupuncturists, a Yoga Therapist and a Beauty Expert sharing the tools of the trade, assisting you as the expert of your body. So pull your boxed wine, champagne, or herbal tea right up to the computer and get ready for a good time, remember, call in live, we would love to hear and share your wisdom Karma Soma: Advancing Self Care, Worldwide.





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