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Self Mastery: Becoming a Leader of Light in a Changing World

Mary Schechter

contact us at MR.&MRS.@theintuitiveorganization.com

Maryann Roefaro




June 19, 2013:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Creating Intentional Community

When we expect the best in others, and create from the belief that that "best" is possible, then we can move mountains. Creating intentional community is part of that mountain-making, part of embracing the tenets of courage, compassion, connection and commitment in our relationships so that we can proactively build a culture that reflects the same. Why allow yourself or those around you to accept workplace reality as nothing more than a series of habits, reactions or negative resentments from some distant past in the workplace to define the "NOW"? In this show, we will cover the three approaches needed to break the hold on isolation that occurs when we subscribe to business as usual, instead of business at it's best!

Big I- Using the highest self (our words) best self, big picture self to envision what is possible ...... versus creating from the little "i" - personality

Exercising the power of compassion to look at our selves and others as works in progress- if they could do things differently, they would....

Choosing resilency over resistance ....recognizing our own resistant reactions to letting the past go, living in the now versus choosing conviction- staying the course and holding a vision no matter what your current "reality" looks like---being patient, allowing the process to unfold in each person as you guide that big picture

June 12, 2013:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Regret- The poison to your productivity

Regret has a way of creeping up on you and your career. It creates
resentment where none needs to exist, so why do we let it interfere with
risk taking? Whether it is fear of failure, embarrasment, rejection or
even fear of accomplishment, regret has a way of paralyzing our vision
of self- potential. In this show, we will talk about what you can do to
help yourself take more risks and avoid the "Regret Trap".

June 5, 2013:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Different Expectations: When You And Your Employees Are Not On The Same Page

It happens to all of us, usually when we least expect it. We are just not on the same page. As a matter of fact, we are not even in the same BOOK…Yes, we are all laughing because we know it to be true, but when you are in the middle of a performance evaluation, an important meeting, a public conversation, or any interaction, sharing the SAME outlook is critical. What is the source? Where does it all begin? You might not be surprised to know it is expectations…Have you shared yours? We will cover the three key things you need to know to get on the same page.

May 29, 2013:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Groupthink- Not Always A Conscious Choice

How does GroupThink affect perception and objectivity in the workplace? Because it is not a conscious process, it can drive decisions toward limitation instead of inclusion and creativity. If you or your team is stuck in “habitual” decision making, this training will provide a new approach to old issues. Assist your employees and managers with understanding group think and how it can derail an organization’s plans for the future by listening to this radio broadcast.

May 22, 2013:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Are You Isolating Coworkers And Not Knowing It?

Have you ever worked with someone that (most) everyone sees as a “nudge”? Have you ever been on a team with someone who just drives everyone crazy? Have you ever had to work closely with someone that just, literally, drains your energy? Wonder if that someone is you? It need not be a life-theme of yours. It could just be a “temporary” set back, when you are just not your buoyant self. However, regardless if it is you, someone else, long term or temporary, there is a core reason that creates “isolationism”. In this radio show, we will cover what you need to know for others, yourself and investment in your “like-ability. ”

May 15, 2013:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Are You Being Managed By Fear ?
5 Drop-Dead Signs That It Is Happening

We all have had "difficult" managers; however, sometimes difficult becomes management by fear or intimidation. The tragedy is, many of these leaders and managers do not KNOW that this is how they are managing. With years of going uncontested, even encouraged by cultures that allow this approach to leadership, a manager can not only lose their potential to excel, but can drive away great employees and take departments down in the process.

And yet, the good news is - change can occur.

Everyone has the capacity to change, when they are given the feedback they require and the concrete intervention and coaching they need to step into their full potential

Check all that apply below based on experiences you may have had in the past or even the present. Use the key at the bottom to get a reading on what action should or could be taken.

The need to control others actions by micro-managing detail or situations in which the employee has proven competency

Secret telling is the norm rather than the exception

Employees are resistant/hesitant to share their perceptions because of retribution

Favoritism towards specific employees is occurr

May 8, 2013:  listen (left click)  download (right click)


Five Questions To Ask Yourself

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you heard yourself say, " I can't believe they would do that?". Well, it happens, often when we least expect it. Betrayal is a fact of life and unfortunately, when so many are driven by fear, it happens just as often in the workplace.

Whether it was a confidence shared, a project executed, or a personal betrayal, the initial effects are the same- denial and anger. Once you are able to acknowledge these emotions, you can begin the most important chapter of this "life lesson"- what can I learn about MYSELF?

When we consider that every relationship we have with others in some way reflects our beliefs about ourselves, then even disappointments such as these can make sense.

Here are a few key questions to ask yourself:

Am I too trusting?
Did I have a blind spot to this persons behavior?
Was I ignoring the "signs" that pointed to questionable trust?
Did I spend more time "fixing" or "fighting" the situation than was needed?
Did I get a "gut feeling" at any time that I ignored!

When you choose to look at the situation with eyes wide open,
willing to see what you might have missed,
then the learning becomes easier. No one is perfect- including you.
And you know what? That is really okay.

May 1, 2013:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

To Terminate or Not To Terminate...
4 Signs That Your Staff Needs You To Take Action

"Karen" was late for the second time this week.
She arrived at work, and within 15 minutes pulled out her phone to text.
Telling a joke around 10 am, she got her co-workers to laugh until they cried. Returning to their computer screens, they smiled, thinking how great it was to work here when she was "on her game".
At 1:45  pm she was 20 minutes late returning from lunch.
In the middle of the afternoon rush, she triaged a demanding customer, and they walked away to sing her praises.
Confusing two crucial orders, her supervisor happened to catch her mistake and corrected it before it would have cost the department thousands of dollars.

Have you got the picture yet?

Karen" is your nightmare employee. Why? 
Because she calls you to be THE critical thinker, objective and measured, strategic and compassionate- all at the same time.
I have met many "Karens". So have you.
Well meaning, even talented, they wreak havoc on the remaining staff and create chaos for the department. 
In this weeks show, we will cover how to know when to cut the cord and do it in a way that serves everyone.

April 17, 2013:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Emotions Are Contagious

What emotions are you "spreading" to others, even unknowingly?
Every emotion we experience has a corresponding physical reaction within the body. Frustration, anger, sadness and other "emotions" can be identified and even tracked with the proper instrumentation, as demonstrated by Heart Math , an international organization dedicated to increasing awareness of Heart-Brain connection. Research shows the our "electromagnetic field" can be felt by others....

Consider the obvious: What emotions are you "spreading" to others, even unknowingly?

We become what we think about.

April 10, 2013:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Why Is No One Listening To Me?

What you need to know today to get others to listen
HI often will hear clients complain that no one listens to them in the workplace (and at home, for that matter!). Now, we know that it is likely an exaggeration that no one listens; however, when you perceive there is a theme going on in the listening department, maybe it is time to take a little stroll down the behavioral boardwalk!

Consider these questions to gain more clarity:
What does it look like when people ARE listening to you?

Become conscious of what feels good to you, what listening actually looks like in your world? When you can be clear about your needs, you can share them with others. Once your co-workers and friends know what you need, the ball is in their court to meet you half way.

Do you say things that are worth listening to?

As human beings, we tend to gravitate to others of like mind or philosophy. Basically we like to spend time with people who make us "feel good". What kind of energy boost or drain do you offer others? Are you complaining more than you realize? Could you be using relationships as a dumping ground for your toxic emotions? Is it time to put a deposit in your relationship bank and focus on listening to what others may need or want?

Hey, you never know, you just might shift things if you shift your own perceptions....
If you are looking for a solution to any interpersonal dilemma,
the greatest success begins with a "Self Inventory"

April 3, 2013:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

How Do I Know It Is Time To Let Go?

What You Need To Know Today
How do you know it is time to let go of something in your life? How do you know that you have given it your all and that you can walk away with the satisfaction of trying your "utmost" to make something work. Whether it is a co-worker connection or a personal relationship, a way of life or change in career, too many of us ignore the signs that answer this very question.
There is a difference in being persistent and stubborn persistence (Harrison Inner View). Think of spuds Mackenzie, the famous pit-bull dog from commercials past. Known for his "lock jaw" approach to getting the job done, he became the symbol for commitment in the extreme. We all know employees, friends and even family who choose to hang on, long after it serves them, or anyone else, for that matter. Becoming overwhelmed with what happens once you let go paralyzes your ability to act. 
Being observant and courageous to see things as they are can be the first step to personal and professional freedom.
Noticed Any Of These Lately?

What have you been experiencing in your life? If it has been  longer than a couple of months, consider your candidacy for personal change.
You feel that you have to do it all yourself
You have run out of motivation
You are spending time in "the past"
You are exhausted
Life is full of snags and "bad timing"
You are trying too hard
You feel restless
You feel like you are in two places at the same time all the time
People interpret you the wrong way
When nothing  seems to yield
When something you are involved in or with consistently gives you more pain than joy 
Life feels mechanical

November 28, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Season of Unreason:
Recalibrating Your Workplace To Reduce Holiday Stress
Navigating The Ghosts of Holiday Past, Present and Future

Ho ho ho and all that good stuff, right? As we enter the final weeks that lead to the holidays and with that the countdown to the THREE GHOSTS OF HOLIDAY PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE, we guarantee you three trends will surface. The trick is knowing what they might “look like” and most importantly WHY they are on the increase for your employees and co-workers. This is a time filled with anxiety as often as it is filled with joy, but you need not be on the receiving end of it. As a leader, it is essential to know how you can field the three trends when they appear. Where most talk of the traditional “holiday stress”, etc., we will surprise you with our take on what is really happening and how you can help.

November 21, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

How To Tell When An Employee, Co-Worker of Friend
Is Draining Your Energy

This is a touchy subject; one which many of us would rather avoid. First of all, who wants to admit that someone you consider a friend is actively draining your energy. What is more challenging is when that drain is a co-worker that you have no choice but to work with. We will speak to the “signs” of of this dynamic so you can become more aware of when it is happening to you. Tune in especially if you are in the helping professions, as this is a common occurrence with clients as well.

November 14, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Sharing The Credit: Why Is It One Of The Smartest Things You Could Do For Your Career!

Do you want to give credit to others, even if it might mean you will not be identified as the “winner”, “hero” or competent one? Can you believe for a minute, that “appropriate” sharing of credit is not only a good thing but one of the smartest things you can do TODAY to become more valuable in the workplace. Yes, we know this is a stretch, but get out your exercise mat and stretch with us! You will be glad you did.

November 7, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Are You Being Put Out To Pasture?

Have you ever had secret thoughts you were being “selected out” of the career ladder, loop or opportunity to be visible in the workplace? If you have, you are not alone and frankly, many employees will at some time entertain such thoughts. In looking for a solution, the important focus are these two questions: is your perception “real” and what can you do about it? We will speak to these and you will gain insight about how to “drill down” and check your perceptions and their validity.

October 31, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

When Your Boss Is Afraid Of Change And You Aren’t

Change is nobody’s friend, come on let’s get honest! And yet, when change and your “boss” are mentioned in the same sentence, it can get even go the way of “foe”. However, there is hope. Learning how to “manage” your boss’s reaction to change is possible and easier than you think. We will cover three things you can do today to help both you and your boss shift the tide and welcome the fresh perspective that change brings.

October 24, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Checklist for Feedback:
Are You Ready To Deliver It?

We all can talk about receiving feedback from co-workers and other important people in our lives; however, when providing feedback, we need a completely different set of skills to be successful. Unfortunately, many of the skills to conceptualize and then deliver constructive feedback are not within the average skill-set. In this program, we will talk you through 10 key considerations that you need to keep in mind as you prepare yourself. Communication is necessary for your success and you cannot escape the need to communicate in all areas of life. Listen in for practical steps to get you started.

October 17, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Difference Between Observation And Opinion -
Why You Need To Know

Have you ever heard someone be asked for an observation and you proceed to listen to a judgment- filled diatribe? Do you realize one of the most important skills of advanced leadership is to know the difference between observation and opinion and how it affects everything you do each and every day. Listen in so you can learn the difference with us.

October 10, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Rumor Mongers- How To Re-Route Them To The "Good Side"

Lets not fool ourselves, rumors can distract even the most logical and dedicated of any employee. Also, rumors provide a vital role in your organization, If you are listening and know how to work with the information, you can get a pulse on the collective morale of your business. However, before you get to this point, you need to address those who feed off the fear and frustration that rumors incite. The question is how- and that is what we will be discussing.

October 3, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Performance Appraisal Disasters -
The #1 Tendency You Want To Avoid

The dreaded performance appraisal! It is like taxes; it comes all too quickly and so often is tedious. For so many, the performance appraisal process is hollow, meaningless. For managers, many of whom have never been trained properly in how to conduct one, it is a task they would rather avoid. However, no matter where you stand, there is ONE tendency that is CRITICAL to avoid in the meeting. If you work this approach, the results will be more accurate and your team more motivated.

We will let you in on the big secret during the show.

September 26, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Are You Isolating Your Co-Workers? What You Should Know

Have you ever worked with someone that (most) everyone sees as a “nudge”? Have you ever been on a team with someone who just drives everyone crazy? Have you ever had to work closely with someone that just, literally, drains your energy? Wonder if that someone is you? It need not be a life-theme of yours. It could just be a “temporary” set back, when you are just not your buoyant self. However, regardless if it is you, someone else, long term or temporary, there is a core reason that creates “isolationism”. Tune in and listen to what you need to know.

September 19, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

When No One Seems To Be Listening -
What May Really Be Going On

We all complain that we are not being “listened” to. It comes from all directions- personally, professionally and one thing we definitely can count on: we cannot take ourselves out of the equation. Believe it or not, any exchange between two parties involves 2 parties! We tend to forget this when we perceive we are being left out of the loop; however, the responsibility for “whole listening” is everyone’s. We will cover what this means and provide you with a few specific actions you can take today to get the “air time” you really need.

September 12, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Different Expectations:
When You And Your Employees Are Not On The Same Page

It happens to all of us, usually when we least expect it. We are just not on the same page. As a matter of fact, we are not even in the same BOOK…Yes, we are all laughing because we know it to be true, but when you are in the middle of a performance evaluation, an important meeting, a public conversation, or any interaction, sharing the SAME outlook is critical. What is the source? Where does it all begin? You might not be surprised to know it is expectations…Have you shared yours? We will cover how to get the ball rolling and make sure you know the most important points to share with your employee.

September 5, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Jealous Co-Workers:
Helping Them To Transcend The Barrier Of Envy

Jealousy is a tricky thing- it comes up in the most unpredictable and inconvenient times. Are you jealous of co-workers when you least expect it? Would you know jealousy when you experienced it, or do you suppress it to a more “acceptable” internal emotional state? Just a reminder, when we chose consciously or unconsciously to push down unacceptable feelings, they WILL surface sooner or later. And when they do, they are more “viral” than ever! In this show, we will chat you up on how to manage the situation in a way that can not only relieve the pressure within yourself and help your colleagues transcend one of the more divisive emotions known on the planet!

July 30, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

A Portrait Of Integrated Leadership:

A Live Discussion With Jonas Congelli, Pharmacy Director, Hematology Oncology Of Central New York

It is our supreme pleasure to have our guest, Jonas Congelli, join us for this show. He has emerged as a strategic game changer by virtue of his ability and commitment to demonstrate courage, compassion and commitment. Recently surfacing from a 5 month team development experience, Jonas, once a self-declared skeptic to the integrated approach to leadership, now is choosing to embrace its power. Have you ever wondered how a leader can actually take the concepts and make them viable in the “real world”? If you find yourself curious, tune and listen to this conversation to learn how one intrepid leader became a uniquely confident and poised inspiration to his staff.

May 30, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Thoughts Are Things:
The Vibration Of Fear And Why It Will Take You “Out” Of Line For Promotion

What you concentrate on, you will create. Thoughts are things, and like all “things” in the physical world, they have a vibratory frequency. Like attracts like, as we experience magnetism in both objects and relating. So, when you desire something and simultaneously fear you will not “get” it, you send mixed messages to the “universe”, as it were. Why would you care? Because if you are creating the possibility of a promotion, the quality of your thoughts as well as your deeds before hand is critical. They must be aligned to be successful. The problem most of us have, but do not realize, is the need to manage our creative mind-set as well as the emotional “fuel” which drives it. This will prove to be a very valuable show, one which will deliver you a new perspective altogetheron upward mobility.I

May 23, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Freedom To Forgive:
When Co-Workers Betray You

Is it possible to truly forgive someone who has betrayed you? What if that person is just “someone you work with?” And frankly, why do we care to forgive them if they have sold us up the river? Does it really make a difference in the long run? This is a difficult subject and one which is sure to touch off strong opinions on either side of the issue. The important consideration, however, is one that is infinitely bigger than whether or not to let go of a painful betrayal. The bigger issue and your management of it in ANY capacity, has ripple effects that reaches its hand much deeper into the organization. If you are curious what we mean by that, please tune in live or pull up our archived show to hear how three words can change the future of your organization.

May 16, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Workplace Bullies - Why You Need Them!

Who ever thought that a bully could be a good thing? Do you? What do you do and where do you go when the bully of the department or organization shows up? How do you make the correct choice when the bully pushes your buttons? Bullies are not what they appear to be and the greatest disservice we do for ourselves is relating to them in the same way we did when 8, 9 or 10 years old. When someone in your life takes a “position”, such as bullying, they can be a powerful teacher for you. That positional relating allows you to take a look at where your emotional intelligence gaps are and manage them better. Tune in so we can give you a few ideas that you can use right awa. Dissolve the hold bullies have on you, friends. It's as easy as listening.

May 9, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Sexists And Other Teachers:
What You Need To Know To Not Only Survive, But Thrive

There have been millions made on the re-training of individuals to open the doorway to diversity, the reduction of sexual harassment in the workplace and other dysfunctional and even illegal behaviors. The intention of the Human Resource community has been to educate employees in identifying the “ signs” of harassment, etc. What has not been a focus, however, is the underlying message and lesson that stands behind each of these experiences. Victimhood is a disease of great proportion in the human condition and workplace issues such as these are part of the evolution of employees and people, in general away from that mentality. We have a unique take on this issue from the perspective of self reflection. Please join us to see what we have to say.

May 2, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Stop The Insanity! Knowing When And How You Can Stop Struggling With Co-Workers

Struggle is not a way of life if you know where to focus your energy. That means when you are face to face with anyone who is draining your energy you do have a choice. Most people are so involved in the drama, so exhausted by the tug of war that characterizes the day to day exchanges, they do not know where to begin healing the dynamic. In this show we will talk about the cost of the struggle to you physically due to stress as well as the most important thing to know to dismantle the dynamic of struggle in and of itself.

April 25, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Passive Aggressive Coworker

Passive Aggressive behavior and the people that use it are often totally unaware of this fact. Most often, Passive-Aggressive’s (PA’s), think of themselves as the victim in their relationships. They are masters of manipulation, superior at timing, spinning and reweaving what they say to create positional power in their conversations. They create divisiveness, stress and factions everywhere they go. It is their way to gain and hold power without taking responsibility for their own choices. In our radio show this week, we will discuss how to spot a true PA, the difference between aggressive and truly assertive communication and how to spot your own personal triggers

April 18, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

What Do You Do When Everyone Else Seems To Be Asking You To Change…?

This is a tricky subject no matter whether you find yourself at work or at home. How do you resolve the age-old question, “if only he (or she) would change…”

The easy out on this one is assuming everyone “else” is 100% correct or 100% wrong. It is human nature to be defensive and certainly when you get consistent or thematic feedback from 3 or more sources that the issue is “yours”…The truth is somewhere in the middle and that is what we will focus on in this show….How to sort through the defensiveness and determine if your behavior is causing a real business issue or the rumblings of a few disgruntled co-workers. This is a powerful issue for many and will prove to be a powerful show. Tune in.

April 11, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Passion And Paycheck: Yes, You Can Have Both In Your Career

You were born to love your role as a creator in the world. Did you know that? Did you forget that? Perhaps you grew up in a house which delivered the message early on: work is a means to an end; your “real” life begins after 5 pm?

You spend more time with co-workers than your own family…You will donate 35% of your waking time to your “job” and workplace (40 of 112 hours ). People usually spend more time picking out a television set than they do their job. If you believe that you have no choice but to give up and take what “life” has handed you, if you feel drained, exhausted or just depressed every time you walk through the doors of your workplace, tune in. We will give you a fresh incentive to believe that you can create an opportunity for passion in your career.

April 4, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Backbiting Co-Workers: The Three Things You Want To Know

Did you have siblings? Brothers, sisters or both? Do you remember when things got the most divisive? Was it in the back of the station wagon on the way to vacation? Could it have been when it was time to set the table or rake the lawn? Perhaps in your house it was when grandparents came by for a birthday or holiday? Do you see the pattern? Backbiting has a history and you have lived its’ painful limitations longer than you will likely remember consciously. If you don’t see the pattern yet, tune in and find out! You will feel a heavy burden lift as you listen to us connect the dots of understanding for you. Once you "get it", you can face backbiting head on and do something constructive about it.

March 28, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Fear Or Freedom: Knowing The Signals When Employees
Are Making
Fear-Based Decisions

The majority of businesses and the marketplace as a whole are driven by fear. Fear of what, you may ask? FEAR of personal reprisal, of embarrassment, of power diminished. To put it bluntly, business is more often that not run by EGO and the most basic instincts of human interaction….kill or be killed….eat or be eaten…. Fear stops creativity, courage and ultimately limits the productivity of people and processes. FEAR is the single most invasive menace to your workplace, so why do leaders let it transform their lives and teams?

How do you know when your employees or co-workers are making decisions rooted in FEAR and not in the freedom that is possible if it is chosen? Tune in and find out!

March 21, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Maintaining Integrity When Others Fail In Theirs

Have you fallen on your “sword”, taking the fall for those who may not deserve your loyalty? Is it worth it? Have you ever been so disappointed in the leadership of your organization that you considered leaving? When you saw, as Dorothy, Tin Man, Scarecrow and the Lion did, that the Great Wizard was nothing more than a frightened and aging old man? Yes, dissapointment does exist as does your ability to to transcend the temptations to "throw the fight" and lose your integrity does. How do you assess your needs and wants and then put the pieces together in a way that brings some meaning into your leadership role? When temptation is high, your sights can still be clear and your insight accurate and focused. Tune in and find out what we have experienced that might work for you.

February 1, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Who Me? Manage MY BOSS?

It happens to all of us, that moment in time when we come face to face with a stark reality...Our boss is human, and even worse, not necessarily good at being a boss. If this is your circumstance, what do you do? First of all, don’t give up or in- there is hope. You can’t fundamentally change another person- we learned that in psychology 101. However, what most of us have never learned is that you can manage your relationship with your superiors while knowing you can not change their primary style or their core values. Have you reached the end of your rope with this one? Are you contemplating leaving your organization because you can’t work with your director, manager or supervisor? We will cover key points to help you gain perspective, and ultimately, a strategy that can make all the difference for you.

January 25, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Do You Trust Your Boss?

It happens to most of us at one time or another, that quick, dark, thought…’Can I trust my superior?

Are you one of those who will occasionally, or more often, double check your conversations, alter what information you might share with your superior, or choose not to pass information along altogether because you don’t know if you can trust what they will do with it? These concerns are real and they affect employees everyday. It is a “taboo” subject in the organization because bringing it up or attempting to work it through can open a can of worms that could make your life even more gruesome.

We know we can’t change other people, and so how do we take care of ourselves in the process? How do work for someone who has proven to be untrustworthy? Believe it or not, there are a few things that can help you refocus your attention and even your concerns in a positive direction. Tune in to hear more on the subject that is likely the cause of more people leaving an organization than we would like to admit.

January 11, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Who's Right: "He Said", "She Said"
The Eternal Struggle For the Ultimate Truth

When you are approached by someone, anyone, in your organization, to sort through a round of accusations to find the hidden truth in a situation, you know you have your work cut out for you. Keeping your head clear, your facts straight and STILL attempting to get to the "source" of the conflict can drive you crazy and test your skill as an observer. After all, whoever said one person has a corner on the "truth"...or do they?

On today's show, we will reveal what this pattern is really telling you about the employees involved and how you can strengthen your leadership reputation and skill in the midst of chaos. If you are exhausted by the endless list of accusations, undercutting remarks, offhanded barbs in passing or what can look like the tediousness of some folks "mentalities", listen in. Do you know what remedy is really needed? We will help you there too. Do yourself a favor, imagine a world in which you cut your stress in half immediately while teaching others how to resolve He-Said, She-Said dilemmas with the touch only a Leader Using Self Mastery can offer.

January 4, 2012:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Courage To Choose: Start Your New Year By Throwing Out ALL Your Resolutions

We all are well intentioned at the beginning of every new year, aren't we?

Resolutions, goals, measurable results, excitement about what we are "finally" going to commit to is what fuels us to step into the unknown, the uncharted territory of ourselves. We sign up for the weight loss plans, vow to quit that unattractive habit and shore ourselves up to begin anew. And what is more, we carry the belief that life is about to change into the workplace, allowing ourselves to dream big! "This department is going to change.", "My relationship with ____ is about to turn the corner.", "I have the ability to get out of this organization and start the business I always wanted."..........

And, two - four weeks later, we more often than not find ourselves right back where we started- frustrated, dissapointed and, in some cases, even desperate for the change we wished for. We give up before we even gave ourselves and each other the chance to make the change. And the cycle begins again.

Have you ever asked yourself the REAL reason why these change attempts fail? We will give you a hint- it has to do with courage, and not the kind that comes from the cowardly lion. Courage comes as part of a formula that defines your effectiveness and satisfaction as a human being and a leader. The formula has to do with not WHAT you focus on, but WHERE you focus your attention.

Listen to the show live or download the archive. Learn when and how to shift your focus so that you can side step the cycle of disappointment which so often comes to “set up shop” this time of year.

December 28, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Looking Back- looking forward: the relationship between "You" and "you"

What a year it has been out there in the world. How has it gone for you, in there, in "your world"? The year end is a time for reflection and a time to project forward into next year, the "next" opportunity to become something that was missing in your life up until now. We believe that through setting goals we will find our way into a better place- emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. However, just as soon as those new goals are set, we find a reason to break them, to not "honor" them in some way. And so, the cycle of self blame and judgment and in some cases, despair perpetuate themselves into another "year".

We want you to do the opposite of setting goals, in FACT, we do not want you to set any goals at all. In this show, we focus instead, on the process of aligning and allowing as the first and only step you need take to turn your world into what you most truly want. Your answers do not come from pushing harder, they come from listening more closely to the ongoing discussion between "You" and "you"- your most actuated self and the one you see and experience everyday.

December 21, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Christmas Meditation

Take time to tune in and enjoy the vibration of the season without the commercialism or distraction that is common place to the most profound experience of the holidays- self love. We will provide a download-able meditation that will lift your thoughts as it lifts your personal vibration during this last week before Christmas.

December 14, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Holidays: The Season of Unreason and how to help your Employees through tough times

Ho ho ho and all that jazz....right? After all, the holidays come only once a year, so we are good to go for a lot of fun and frivolity....well, not quite that fast, friends. These days can be stressful at best and disastrous for others for reasons that extend far beyond the workplace. Financial circumstances, the re-emergence of family tensions as holiday gatherings are anticipated, the memories of previous holidays and the pain that may be associated with those memories all combine to create the potential for a difficult holiday season for some. Managing individual expectations and helping your teams to manage theirs is essential to your tool box for leading with light. We will share a few ideas to assist you to navigate through these weeks of tension and the eruptions that can result due to the happiness of the holiday season.

December 7, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Are All Systems Go?

Using A Daily “Cross Check” System Will Improve Your Leadership Influence

Conducting a systems review for your interpersonal mastery on a daily basis should be as routine as having that first cup of coffee every morning or knowing what your favorite color is. So why is it that the majority of leaders do not hold themselves accountable to a daily “check in” to confirm that they are grounded, clear and prepared for their day on an interpersonal level? We know one thing, as soon as you step out the front door, you will be barraged with drama and chaos that is inevitable in any organization.

We expect airplane pilots to conduct their cross-check to ensure a safe flight, why do we not do the same for ourselves? Checking your instrumentation, flight path, looking at the weather is equally needed in your organization as it is flying to Detroit. Making a commitment to conducting your own cross check is critical to maintaining mastery. In this show, we will cover how to set up a routine and the questions to ask yourself to confirm you are centered.

November 30, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Do You Need a Workplace EQ Intervention?

Knowing when to step in and facilitate an intervention for Emotional Intelligence improvement is a delicate subject, but one you must be prepared to lead when necessary. The key is recognizing the signs that an outside "influence" is needed to jumpstart and redirect employee dynamics. Today we will address the three signals that your wisdom is required: the situation has gone "viral", contaminating others beyond the individual who is off track, the situation requires more resources than the employees have available in their tool box (interpersonal skill or wisdom), the situation will render "sustained" relational damage to the employees involved, which marginalizes the employees who are impacted.

Most of the time, we all do the very best we can with what skills and abilities we have. However, all of us have a blind spot or two, are triggered by behavior around us and without powerful mentorship, can become enmeshed in our own habitual reactions. Mary and Maryann will address the three signs and how to intervene when necessary.

November 23, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Lessons In A Leaders Gratitude Journal: A Year In Review

What are you grateful for this year? What would you think if we told you your greatest gifts could be coming to to you from your moments of confusion, irritation or even downright falling out with those around you in your "community"....What if losing your job, watching a spouse or loved one lose theirs, an employee who struggles with addiction or negative behavior that effects the team or a peer who is "selected" over you for a promotion are the events that you, yourself have created? Yes, you have created.....it may be impossible to believe and that is why we have such an important message to share with you about your power and presence as an emerging leader of light in a changing world. If your experience in the last year seems to be threaded with deeper and more provactive challenges than ever, congratulations...You are on the fast track and we would even venture, you have joined the growing number of world-wide leaders who are emerging from the "everyman" among us. The new language of leadership does not come from those who sit in high and mighty places, but from those who have walked and are walking "everymans" journey. And that includes you.

We will be talking through key transformational experiences that leaders we know and work with have been walking through this year, including our own stories, as we help you for your next chapter in 2012.

November 9, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)


The Revolution is Underway for Workplace Transformation - Are You In?

Welcome Back! Our fall show schedule is ready to rock your clock, wake you up and get you moving in the direction of all “systems-go” for the challenges that are looming on the workplace horizon for 2011-2012.

Mary and Maryann are back and running full steam with 13 new shows to share with you that are bigger, more relevant, and more needed than ever! We are putting out a clarion call to Leaders in every corner of the listening audience to step up and out as the world readies itself for major changes that are currently underway.

As ever, our focus is revolutionizing the approach you all have to everyday situations that test your commitment and technique to lead in a different and more effective way. That is why we are anticipating the message to spread even farther and wider this fall with the momentum of “world events” accelerating and the impact they are having on everyday people, business and you.

  • Are you and your companies ready to respond to the changes?
  • Do you know the new competencies that are being called upon to be successful?
  • Do you have a plan?
In this welcome back session, we will preview highlights of our fall schedule, and introduce the BREAKTHROUGH 2012 LAUNCH EVENT WE ARE PLANNING.

September 14, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Developing Wisdom in Our Children: Fostering Leaders of Light

With special guest, Ralph Singh, Chair and CEO, Wisdom Thinkers Network

Today’s children are the parents of tomorrow, the leaders of what is to come and the thinkers for what will emerge as our world. And Now is the time to prepare them by bringing the best of our collective history together. Ralph, the creator of  “Stories to Light Our Way” initiative  is doing just that. >>>more

September 7, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Performance Appraisals for the Weak at Heart

The dreaded performance appraisal! It is every managers nightmare. At least, if you do not know HOW to make it into a positive experience. Did you know there should be no surprises in a performance appraisal process and if you know how to work it, your employee can actually look forward to the opportunity to discuss their performance? Our approach is different, and we know you will appreciate hearing how it can work for you!

August 31, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Letting Go: Helping Employees Move On to new challenges

Since we are all human, there is the tendency for most of us to hang on long after a position may be right for our individual or even collective good in an organization. How do you guide your people to next steps when it might mean preparing them to leave the organization or change disciplines, etc. How can you help your people visualize their hearts desire while keeping their feet on the ground?

August 24, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Promotion from Peer to Supervisor: Learning the basics of shifting your relationships

Is it a time of celebration or a time of testing, or both? Getting promoted is something we all look forward to when the position is right. The dynamics of “beating out” your peers can be overwhelming to them and isolating to you if you do not know who and how to handle the transition. We will cover three things you absolutely must know to be successful.

August 17, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Us vs Them: bridging the gaps between departments and cliques

Designed for managers and employees who are groom-able for management, today’s “us vs. them” and “leadership won’t listen” conversation will specifically address the phenomenon of splitting loyalties within organizations. You’ll learn how to identify the underlying causality that all factions hold in common. We will also talk the basics on creating a step-I culture of courage and connectivity within and between ranks.

August 10, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Gossip, Sabotage & Drama: why it is not all bad

Yes, drama happens even at work and with adults. It creates a distraction and charges any situation with undue stress. When you can help your employees shift their need for drama, you can change the look and feel of any team environment. The question is how. If you find yourself sorting through the “he said, she said” scenarios on a weekly basis, you will want to join us to hear how G, S & D can be a good thing for you as a leader!

August 3, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Spirituality and the Corporate Ladder II

What is the most important thing to keep in mind as you decide to commit to your organization and face the rigors of walking this path? What do you want to create using the “ladder of success” as a tool for transformation of those around you instead of a tool for divisiveness? Here is where the rubber meets the road for your acumen of a leader….

July 27, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Spirituality and the Corporate Ladder I

How do you define success and your placement on the corporate ladder? Can you “get ahead” and still be a nice guy/woman? Can you be the powerful agent of transformation without “climbing the corporate ladder?” We will look at alternatives to buying into this approach to business.

July 20, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Spirituality and Termination of Employees

Firing is often the most dreaded experience of any leader. We will offer a practical approach that will turn your perceptions of what firing actually can mean inside-out. Can you imagine your employee actually thanking you for the decision? It is possible. Check in to see what we have to say.

June 22, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Spirituality and the Work Day

What kind of experience do you want to have each and every day in the workplace? It depends on what you thought before you stepped into the front lobby. How do you maintain your center in midst of everyone elses drama? How can you make each day reach it’s fullest potential for you both in productivity and “calm” when external events are chaotic?

June 15, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Spirituality and the Interview Process

Finding the “right” candidate is not just about skills and knowledge. It isn’t even just about “fit”….in fact, finding the right candidate for your department or organization can ONLY be done when you know who and what your organization “believes in” and embraces in it’s authentic culture. Authentic is the key word here. There are a lot of things we would like to believe to be true about where we work, but more often than not, what we promote ourselves to be and the reality of our day-to-day culture is miles apart. We will talk about the most essential ingredient to finding your authentic approach in this show.

June 8, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Spirituality and Accountability II: Why do some leaders need a “fall guy”

The blame game extends far beyond sibling rivalry. In fact, when capturing the loyalty of a new or seasoned team, side- stepping blame for unpopular decisions can become a focus in itself. What happens to a team when you use the idea of a “bad guy” or “fall guy” to absorb the impact of decisions or actions that you know won’t go over well? How do you rebuild trust if this has been part of your “modus-operandi” in the past?

June 1, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Spirituality and Accountability I

We always know when we are bailing out on a dream, an employee, a situation that requires our attention- or do we? Becoming accountable is where the best leaders fail to deliver and the employees with the most to gain ending up losing the most, in using their full potential. How do you begin the process of developing accountability with your immediate workplace “family”? How can you introduce universal “truths” that are relevant, powerful teachers and not seen as “religious”? We will begin this important discussion with the key ingredients to transforming your culture from “he did it” to “ I own that decision”.

April 20, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Co-Creation: What Kind Of Leader Are You Ready To Be Today?

The little “i” and the big “I” embody all that the Intuitive Leadership Model is dedicated to creating- the ability to choose, with eyes wide open, with conscious awareness, your outcomes as a leader. When we remember that the little “i” represents all choices rooted in personality-driven needs, that spring from ego, and that the big “I” represents all choices expressed from your “best” self which considers and embraces choices which attend to the needs of not just one, but all, we are given the most profound set of tools possible to build individuals and organizations that create the best outcome on every level.

April 13, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Conviction in Action:

What I believe in, I become. What I hold true, I hold in vision for others to aspire to. What I lose sight of, I lose for all who look to me for guidance and counsel. When you lose your convictions in leadership, you will not only lose the loyalty, motivation and respect of your team, but ultimately, of yourself. What are your convictions that define your personal legacy and professional impact. What are your convictions?

April 6, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Commitment in Motion:

How do you demonstrate commitment when you are struggling yourself? What are you committed to today? Believe it or not, everyday and in every moment, you are committed to something, even if it is to not be committed to ANYTHING. We will talk you through the difficult challenges of doing the things that committed leaders do: having the talks that no one wants to have with employees, looking inward at ourselves and how we measure up to what the situation requires or needs.

March 30, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Connection in Motion: The Core Skill of Maintaining a Team

Some of us our “naturals” at building teams, and frankly, some of us are not. Are you interested in learning the power in connection between us all? No man or woman is an island and now science is proving this to be true. With every successive breakthrough in the field of heart/brain interaction, we are experiencing evidence that our wellbeing and even productivity is DIRECTLY RELATED to the others at a “physical level”. Learn what matters here and how to use it to your advantage.

March 23, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Compassion in Motion: How Do I Use It In Everyday Situations?

The last thing you might consider as a motivating tool is compassion. Why? Because we are just now emerging out of a set of beliefs about how to work efficiently. That efficiency has usually meant suppressing “humanity” in the workplace. When a co-worker or subordinate had issues, we have often been told, don’t be too empathetic, they will take advantage of you. When someone has had performance issues, our approach as leaders has been, “crack the whip harder”. Now is the time where we can embrace a new approach that embraces compassion, with surprising results: appropriate timing and dispensation of compassion is your insurance toward loyalty and profitability. Listen for three key tips during this program.

March 16, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

Courage in Motion: How Do I Use It In Everyday Situations?

It is not enough to know what courage is. To truly lead others, you must choose to use it, model it, every day and in every way that it is called for. The problem for most of us is we stop ourselves before we step up and into that courageous act. Frankly, human beings obsess on the “what if” thinking that counterbalance our decisions to act courageously. “What if, I lose my job”. “What if I lose their respect.”

March 9, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Intuitive Leadership Model - Creation

Everyone creates. That is a no brainer. But, what most leadership does NOT know, is the power of their original intention and the guiding focus which feeds the creative process in the organization. Enlightened leadership listens, engages and leaves the ego behind in continuous pulse taking. Leadership sets the bar and holds the standard of excellence by demonstrating the difference of creating from the little “i” and the big “I”. What is your original intention in any given process or initiative? Are you being tempted to abandon what you know is correct in the face of politics or obstacles? Listen in for what you need to know today to take your creations to the next level.

February 23, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Intuitive Leadership Model - Conviction

What are you convicted to? What would you be willing to let go of in the interest of introducing and sustaining productivity in your organization?

Leadership is not for the faint of heart- and carrying your role forward when others do not share your vision, will test your strength of conviction. When employees can’t see proof that all they are being asked to walk through will be worth it in the end, how do you “sell” your idea forward and stay the course? How do you maintain your belief to keeping a process moving, when it may take months to accomplish, or even years? We will continue the discussion of the six intuitive principles of leadership, focusing our experience and suggestions in the direction of conviction.

February 16, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Intuitive Leadership Model - Commitment

We live in a disposable society. We are used to disposable razors, paper plates and dust mops, and that approach now characterizes our relationships. Consider the fact that you spend more time with the people you work with than those that you live with, and your perspective may change. Why do we think it is ok to sweep conflict under the rug or dismiss an issue with a coworker, by saying, “heck I only have to work with the guy.” When you commit to honest dialogue, leading employees through interpersonal conflict and instilling in others the musketeer motto, “all for one and one for all”, we guarantee you will see more productivity and increased morale. Listen in for key questions to ask as you master this leadership dimension.

February 9, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Intuitive Leadership Model - Connection

Have you ever worked with someone who acted as if they were on a desert island when it came to making decisions? Have you ever sat in a meeting and watched as a leader acted unilaterally to move forward and everyone else in the room was not on board in the least? There is a time and situation that requires singular decision making, but all too often, leaders do not anticipate the impact of their disconnect to the pulse of the workplace. In a time where we ask everyone to do more with less, you MUST be able to anticipate and plan for connectivity. Join us to learn a few basics on how to begin.

February 2, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Intuitive Leadership Model - Compassion

Employees work for three reasons after they receive a paycheck:

  • to be seen and acknowledged for their unique contribution
  • to be listened to
  • to be treated fairly

Leaders who know how to cultivate compassion get the most for their investment. Why do we associate compassion with weakness in the workplace? This show will demonstrate the power of compassion as a tool to transform employee’s attitudes.

January 26, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

The Intuitive Leadership Model - Courage

Without the ability and drive to look within at our motivations and intentions, we can’t begin to transform anything. Have you known folks who have “all the answers”, but are decidedly not one of them? How can others believe in your ability to take them in a new direction if you are not walking authentically? We will discuss and identify what courage looks like and specific steps to begin your inventory.

  • January 19, 2011:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

    Welcome to 2011!

    In our introductory show for this new year, we will discuss the need to rewrite the “rules” and the first step to take in the journey to Self Mastery- taking a personal inventory. Our spring series will focus exclusively on the dimensions of Intuitive Intelligence- the foundation of a new “blueprint” that can transform your workplace and your life with tangible results.

  • December 8, 2010:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

    Gratitude & love

    During the holidays, we focus on family, friends and celebrating life’s joys and pleasures. As a leader, it can become an important role to hold the vibration for others as they sometimes struggle with their own “Gratitude List” Helping others to redirect their attention is your gift and responsibility. How do you do it without preaching, cajoling or demanding? How does a Leader of Light empower others around them to step into their co-creative power without losing themselves in the process? Tune in and turn on- in the spirit of the season, we will humbly share our insight with you.

  • December 1, 2010:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

    Rediscover - When the Master Jesus, of Nazareth, was born, many relayed feeling a sense of being reborn within themselves. Reborn with renewed hope and inspiration, those that followed his path of mastery, found themselves rediscovering their uniqueness each and every day. Have you forgotten that there is no one on this earth that is just like you, and because of that, no one else can deliver the exact same experiences that you are able to. As life continues, we are tempted to fall into the illusion that each and every day is only a carbon copy of the day before. We lose our spontaneity, and ability to see things “anew”. Follow this very special broadcast to find the three questions to ask yourself in your rediscovery process.

  • November 24, 2010:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

    Resiliency - How do you maintain your strength of conviction while not shutting yourself off to others? How can leaders be strong and vulnerable at the same time? Why would you want to be? What does it mean to be resilient in today’s workplace without becoming callous to the needs and desires of those you lead. It is a balance that is possible with dedication and a receptive attitude. Listen and learn what you can do now to develop your magnificence.

  • November 17, 2010:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

    Alignment - All the stars line up and life is perfect right? We wish. Alignment can be one of the most demanding, but needed preparations for you as a new genre of leader. What do you align with? How does it happen? What are the benefits? How does being in alignment impact those around you? Why would you care?

    Some call it the dark night of the soul and yet others call the process the void. No matter what you call it, let us help you understand what you want to focus on in order to walk through this time with joy, not fear.

  • November 10, 2010:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

    Observer - What does it mean to “observe”? Most people believe themselves to be a good judge of character or people. They could not be further from the truth. In fact, when you are busy judging, you leave no room for observation. When you are unable to truly observe in a complete and non-judgmental way, you miss opportunities to lead individuals to their greatness and organizations to its better future. Listen and learn to key elements of observation mastery that you will be quick to use in your own role as leader.

  • November 3, 2010:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

    Wake up - Why do we fight change? Why do we cling to unbearable situations which drain our energy and our lives? Does this ever describe you: ” Life is what happens to you when you were busy making other plans.” The deeper the pain, the greater the wake up that the universe has in store for you. We attract “events” as our own tools for change. They may come quietly as irritants or as a big “wake up” such as a job loss or life loss.

    No matter where they come from, the wake up call is on time, unfolding perfectly in your life as a leader. Will you be ready to see the opportunity when it arrives?

  • October 27, 2010:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

    Hindrance - When we look at what stands in our way, we often focus on how to “overcome” it. We see “obstacles” outside of us instead of inside of us. We see external events as something to power through or force to our conclusive will. In each hindrance is a flow and lesson for you as a leader. The gift is your ability to use your innate talent to see past what is obvious and uncover the flow in the situation.

    Yes, this method works. We have seen it. Listen in to find out how you, too, can use hindrance in your journey to self mastery.

  • October 20, 2010:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

    Form/Illusions/Drama - Drama is as drama does….how do you step away from the drama when it is so easy to get sucked in while just trying to make a living? What is the underlying “meshugaas” (–noun slang. foolishness; insanity; senselessness)that really is driving the drama that drains your energy and creativity? We follow a spiritual approach in unraveling the most prolific drama scenarios seen in the work place and will discuss how to turn this time waster to your personal advantage.

  • October 13, 2010:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

    Discomfort - Why run the other way when you start to get “uncomfortable” with a person or situation? We will talk through the NECESSITY AND PURPOSE for discomfort in your role as a Leader of Light. As usual, we will share practical tips and a HUGE idea that will really surprise you!

  • September 15, 2010:  listen (left click)  download (right click)

    Self Mastery: Becoming a Leader of Light in a Changing World
    An introduction to Mary Schechter and Maryann Roefaro



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