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"Create Your Life
by Design"

With host: Dr. Robert Pease



Gregory Paul Martin

The eldest son of Beatles producer Sir George Martin, Gregory has practiced astrology for twenty-five years, reading privately for colleagues and friends in the entertainment industry, among them some of the most famous artists and celebrities...>>>more



The Year of Balance

Every year Dr Robert starts the New Year with an emphasis on setting new intentions that create a life by design. Envisioning a life lived for the best and highest good, which is filled with constant waves of abundance in health, prosperity, a positive mindset and joy can be accomplished through understanding the symbolic universe we are creating from within.
2011 in numerology is a year of balance. Fours [2+0+1+1=4)] like to build foundations and create an environment that has structure in life—A year to create balance within all four sides of life —the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. This year is your opportunity to set intentions which compliment your life in design. This year is a time to create balance through stability, commitment, energetic work, being practical and growing your inner discernment.
On today’s show Dr Robert will share insights and tools to help support and guide you in planting, nurturing and growing the seeds of balance throughout the year. Join him to discover the wonderment, joy and possibilities explored in conscious awareness.



Renee Baribeau

Renee Baribeau

Known as the Practical Shaman, Renee Baribeau is an expert ceremonialist, healer, teacher, and writer. Over the past fifteen years, she has trained with a long list of traditional shamans and modern-day mystics. She has received rites of passage from Q’ero elders in Peru ... >>>more


Panache Desai

Panache Desai

Panache is a divinely-gifted spiritual visionary, a contemporary motivational speaker and above all else an example of that Divine Union that is possible for us all in our lives. >>>more


William Whitecloud

William Whitecloud

Author William Whitecloud brings a dazzling range of knowledge and experience — from a childhood in Swaziland immersed in supernatural worldviews to hermetic philosophy and esoteric speculation on the financial markets ... >>>more


The Deeper Value of Friendship

To celebrate International Friendship Day this month, Dr. Robert discusses the value of friendships. On today’s show he takes a look at the symbolic gestures and meanings behind the bond of friendships. What is the true meaning of friendship as explored in the thousands of books, jewelry, poems, music and art about friendship? Also discussed is the personal relationship with animals and nature and the bonds animals have with each other and with people. How friendships may become more than friendly and move into the sphere of romance. Importantly how friendship is a bond of truth and commitment to authenticity which becomes one of the most important spiritual tools in creating life by design.


Wisdom University

Imagine the possibility of dipping into living sources of indigenous wisdom alongside the emerging wisdom of our time. >>>more


Dr Will Taegel

Dr Will Taegel

Renowned author and leading-edge thinker Dr. Will Taegel grew up on the Llano Estacado in Texas where he began his lifelong and intimate relationship with Nature. Choosing an integrative approach early in his career, ... >>>more


Surprise! I AM Alive!

How easy is it for you to open to newness in your life—new things, new ideas and new people? Or are you attached to the programs that teach the future is never as bright? That bad things are just around the corner waiting for you? You can test this by examining how much you hold on to what you have and cling to ideas to keep them from changing? Embracing change in the form of something new is the way to open to having more in your life. I have it all to give it all.

Do you often believe that the best days are behind you? That the best you can create has already been done? That it is never as good as the first time? The process of life is a practice of redundancy to insure becoming more skilled. Even though we are circling around what appears to be the same issues we are observing from a higher perspective each time. When you open to newness, new thought, new things you are opening yourself to a greater connection to faith and trust. It simply means that you believe that your future holds more joy and more promise of Love. It means you are willing to create your life by design knowing it is all about growth in a new direction.

The heart is the center. It is the key. It is where faith and trust reside. I often talk about it in terms of the 5 energy in numerology or the star energy. What does it mean to step outside our normal limits and view ourselves differently?


Holding the Vision

At the Highest Level of the “work” the connection between opening a conversation with the Universal Mind or not is contained in our ability to hold a vision of what we truly want to create—manifesting our Heaven on Earth. Through commitment and trust we are able to tap into the divine cosmos through self-love. This relationship is the center point and balance which allows us to connect with vision and hold steadfast to creating our lives by design. Whether we wish to simply manifest a career, a loving relationship, greater health or open fully to life purpose, holding the vision of who we are is the key. Robert will discuss the two key elements in securing and stabilizing vision work including which tools will create sustainability in seeing the ultimate results created. Holding the vision to gain freedom of expression and removing worry and fret, which manifests as distraction of purpose, will be fully explored on this broadcast. Enjoy!


As “I Am” the Silent Witness

Everyday we experience three states of awareness waking, dreaming, sleeping, I call it the life of the task master or the repetition of growing our understanding.

But it is when we begin to understand stillness, silence and meditation that we open ourselves up the fourth state of awareness that we begin to sense our Soul. We begin to explore the true nature of the Source of who we truly are. We dive into the state of intuition where we begin to realize that things are not what they appear to be. We begin to go beyond the shadow world to place of Spirit, Universal Mind or Source—a world beyond time and space, matter and causation.

The fourth state of awareness takes us on a journey beyond the veil where we begin to peek into our inner world and the spiritual nature of who we are. We begin to awake!

The fifth state of awareness then is revealed and we tap into the realm of the silent witness. We tap into our true meaning of the soul and as we expand we then begin the voyage into the sixth state of awareness in the divine dance of the celestial and beyond into the seventh stage known as Unity.



Where does your inspiration come from? Do you know? Inspiration is defined as stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity and Divine guidance or influence exerted directly on the mind and soul of humankind. In the spirit of all things there is a system of information which opens floodgates of inspired ideas to create. On todays show Dr. Robert exams the importance of being open and willing to receive the messages—as ideas and inspirations—to create your life by design. Oftentimes blocks are generated by the unwillingness to move forward into the unknown for fear of being misguided. How can we build confidence and trust the inner voice? When do we know if the messages are real? The answer will become easy to understand as we explore our inner world through Love.


Awaken Your Imagination: Or Six Impossible Things To Do Before Breakfast!

Hundreds of people have had the opportunity to experience in conferences across America this presentation and now Robert wishes to share with all of you a lighthearted look at the impossible world where God lives and invites each of us to play in the imagination of the impossible mind! Or as was so stated in Alice Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll, “’There's no use trying,' Alice said `one ca'n't believe impossible things.' `I daresay you haven't had much practice,' said the Queen. `When I was your age, I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.‘”


Russell Hill

Russell Hill

Russell Hill is a modern mystic and the founder of Infinite Mind Publishing. After more than 25 years of studying with spiritual masters from all around the globe Russell gladly shares his insights with his global family. >>>more


David Wilcock

David Wilcock is a professional lecturer, filmmaker and researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy. >>>more



Metaphysics 101 – Angel and Spirit Guides

Do you wonder whether you are guided and by whom? Have you sensed the presence of energy around you but are unsure what it means? Beyond the five senses is a world much deeper and more energetic than the one you are living in this world. Tapping into other planes of existence is seeing beyond the veil into your very own final frontier. For centuries people have been listening and being guided by visions of Angels and Spirits. On today’s show with Dr. Robert, you will discover how you can do the same.


Metaphysics 101 – Creative Visualizations

Creative Visualizations are an important part of not only the law of attraction but of many key elements required to grasping the deeper and subtler forms of manifestation. Often creative visualization is known as creative imagination. Both are ideas which include an ability to use focusing techniques to visualize what it is we wish to create. This technique no matter what it is called is about focusing directly on what we want to materialize, not as a whim or fancy but as something sustainable and concrete.


“The Perfect Mate”

Are you still waiting for you the right person to appear? Your soul mate or twin Flame? Do you wonder if the person you are with is that special someone or just a go-between while you pray for the right person to come along? Is there even such a thing as the perfect mate? On today’s show Robert will explore how you shall know if there is a perfect mate in your life. What are the ten steps you can use to discovering the answer to you romantic longings? There is a perfect mate for you and today you will discover how you will find them and keep them!


“The Holographic Mind”

Every moment we are thinking and the thoughts or thought forms appear from nowhere. We believe the thoughts we think are our own creation and are different in some way to everyone else’s. But the truth may reside not in this belief but in the place where our individual thoughts are simply one point of view in a disco ball made of billions of mirrors. As we look at each mirror we only see the reflection on it but all around the disco ball are many more but in their own separate reality. All the lights shining forth are adhering to the one ball. In the holographic mind we appear to be separate and yet we are connected. Join Robert on the journey of the mind and discover how one controlled idea can change your point of view forever.


On today’s show my special guests are Don McDougle, creator of the Choose Once Again 2010: A Course In Miracles Conference to be held in San Jose, Costa Rica, March 18 – 21, 2010. Don shares with us his journey through Faith and how ACIM offered him a clearer understanding of how to be present and enjoy the creative expression of living in the moment. To find out more about the upcoming conference go to www.chooseonceagain2010.com

On the second half of the show, Nick Arandes author of What Happens When You Let God joins Robert to discuss his philosophy of life and his desire to share rather than to teach is important in his work. Nick will be a speaker at The Choose Once Again 2010 conference and continues to explore his process as he tours across America. To discover more about Nick Arandes go to www.TruthAndMiracles.com


The year of playfulness.

On today’s show Robert reminds us of the importance of imagining through the process of envisioning! It is time to create your annual vision board and today you will learn a different way to make your dreams come true. You will look at things you are “doing” and things you are “being.” The conversation today will be on getting creative and using this as a key to unlocking your abundant creative process. If you are locked into a routine and require a little extra something to get the wheels of creativity in motion this show will motivate you into opening up to your higher creative self and unleashing your inner child.


Continued conversation on 2010: The Year We Make Contact

What 2010 brings into form is clarity, integrity and authenticity. On today’s show, Robert focuses on the true meaning behind these three words and how best we can handle the growth process in consciousness of this coming year and all the events that will manifest. The keys to our conscious expansion this year are how open we are to setting intentions and holding the vision to place the intention into our personal reality. One of the messages this year is, “In order to tap into these keys (clarity, integrity and authenticity) we have to correct our perception of fear.” What is fear? “Any thoughts which focuses us on an intention of lack.” We hold the keys to both our happiness. It is time to open the portal.


2010 – The Year We Make Contact, Part 2

Let’s get the New Year started with a look at what is in store for all of us in 2010. On Part 1 (Dec 23 show “Coming Through the Fog”) the discussion was geared towards reflecting on the events last year that have changed our lives as we continue to shift. Even though it is the New Year we still want to finish up old business and any details that might prevent us from opening a clear channel to our new vision. In Part 2, the future we may create by design is foretold in both premonition and observation. 2010 is the year we make contact with ourselves as community. It is a year for clarity, integrity, and honesty in all our conversations. New tips in how we can all be clearer about our decisions and choices are added to give us all an opportunity to walk out of a foggy day into the light of a global conversation as community.


The Year In Review – 2009 – Coming Through The Fog: PART 1

2009 was a year of vision. A year of vision and also a year of understanding how to cooperate and find balance—the year of intuition and feelings. But it was also a year of being a bit hazy…like a foggy day. A time to stop and assess where you are at this moment in relationship to where you are going. Assessing the year and reviewing intentions of trust—acknowledging growth. What was the year’s purpose? What wisdom have you acquired along the way this past year? Can you see more kindness and gentleness in your life? The lives you touched? More charitable? A more loving nature towards the world and yourself? Are you open and receiving or are you still just giving until you are empty? Can you see the results of these actions?

If you made a vision board it is time to assess what has been received and what is still to come. It is time to create a new board to focus on the present moments of the future self. Not to dwell but to imagine.

Part 2 will take a closer look at 2010: the year we make contact. The year of clarity.


On today’s show the topic is validation. What are the ways in which both science and the mystics find relevance in our human experience and the validation placed on us as a population. How popular stories become future facts which validate our belief systems. Belief systems which are based more on lies and deceit than anything close to the truth. Nevertheless, the programs which we are all currently running are the very self-defeating and dysfunctional programs which we are rapidly maturing beyond in our consciousness!
I find the more I think I know the more doubt may appear. And the doubt is exactly why I want to know the Truth. The doubt leads me to true skepticism in belief systems. For the belief systems are all lies. Past programs based on symbols, words which are given often times with a sense of authority. And authority is just control. When I believe, I am hooked on a story. When I am hooked I stop listening.
And to listen is to respect the stories of others but to know they are just ….stories. We are all story tellers. We all have our own universe we live in and the truth we have within is our truth but not someone else’s truth. We each have our own truth. Whether beautiful or ugly it still is just a story.


Mark Anthony Lord

Mark Anthony Lord

Mark Anthony Lord is an internationally acknowledged gay spiritual leader dedicated to healing the world of homophobia. He is the creator of GAY Affirmations, a free weekly message that reveals truth and perfection within ... >>>more


Gratitude – The Invisible Revolution

The subject of gratitude is the most talked about information system in place today. We have come to realize that all moments we attract to ourselves will be delivered to us by the amount of gratitude we invoke from within. All lack that we unconsciously create by design is magnified by how much energy we emit from ourselves when we feel others have more than we do, or when whatever we have is not enough. These energy waves are in response to our own magnetic field is affected by how we hold the focus of gratitude. Come explore with me today the magnificence of gratitude and all the colors of the rainbow it emits. Let us all be a part of the “invisible revolution” taking place from the Heart and Soul within each of us to be the change we want to see in the world.


Dr. Vernon Woolf

Dr. Vernon Woolf

His specialty is improving relationships and building high performance teams through the holistic study of situational dynamics. His "Unfolding Potential" Seminars, which began in the United States, have now expanded world wide. >>>more


Darylle Dennis

Darylle Dennis

Darylle is an engaging, passionate and authentic Speaker whose message is powerful, effective and authentic. She speaks of the "authentic self" as the most powerful and effective self and how to bring out the talents, gifts and uniqueness of each participant. >>>more




Gurutej has known since she was six years old that she wanted to lead others to their greatness. She is a born leader, a creational genius, and a visionary thought leader. Her energy brightens your day, and her gift for lightness, comedy, and humor radiates ... >>>more


The Power of Light

On today’s show Dr. Robert will take us all on a journey into the Light! We will dive deep into a channeled and guided meditation to explore the vibrations which lead to peace and inner contemplation of the Divine. Rarely on this show have we had the opportunity to be guided into a deeper level of understanding. Enjoy the hour of inner growth through meditation with Dr. Robert and the Angels.

The power of light is growing each and every day. The amount of light shining forth on this planet is growing exponentially so all thoughts are positive.

Stop for a moment a simply call in the light.

As you call in the light you might begin to notice your heart opening up more.

The light you bring into your life will create more harmony and peace in each moment. Sending peaceful loving thoughts to your inner Self and to others will shift conversation to being in the positive and personality into faith and love.



Whenever you doubt you are supported make a list of all those who love you! They represent your Earth Angels! Each one of them is supported by their list and on and on. You are connected to miracles, intentions and Highest Self who watches over you. The Angels on Earth are but an effect of a greater causation in Love. Talk to Love about everything!

This is the theme of today’s show. When we understand how deeply we are supported, not only by the physical Universe (as Earth) but by all the creatures upon it we open to feeling safe and loved. The water flows, the grass grows and the Universe knows so we can create, expand and be in joy! We are carried along on the Earth ship to travel beyond the known and explore all the possibilities. Remember to reach out your arms in a symbolic gesture of success. In the right hand is all those who carry you along and in your left hand are all those that you give firm support in return. We are a chain of successes in support!


Back In The Saddle Again

On today’s show Dr. Robert gets everybody shaking and moving! He is calling today’s conversation the “grounding roundup!” We tend to get into the ‘terrible twos” of our thoughts and become distracted easily. Random thoughts make us feel anxious and jumping up and down, twirling about and spinning until we are dizzy becomes a physical release of the mental inner “terribles.” Training the mind to be focused releases anxieties and frustrations. Our thoughts are created so we must choose our thoughts wisely! It is time to manage the Self by managing how many thoughts we manufacture in our minds. To learn more about how to do this and create an overall sense of well-being today is the day to tune in and say, “I am present!”

For more coaching tips and to schedule a consulting program or an intutitve reading with Dr. Robert, please call 866-996-5448 today!


  • September 30, 2009:  listen (left click)download (right click)      Encore Presentation from July 1, 2009

Jaena Moynihan

Jaena Moynihan is an experienced psychic medium offering spiritual insight and guidance for all major areas of life. Jaena also conducts private mediumship sessions as well as transpersonal coaching and mentoring programs. >>>more


Jean Haner

Jean Haner

Jean Haner teaches and consults internationally about powerful techniques to “read” people’s inner natures. With her 25-year background in ancient Chinese principles of ... >>>more


Intentions vs. Desires

On todays show Dr. Robert discusses the power of intentions vs. the urges in desires. A clear definition of both will alleviate doubts of why we get what we want but often times not in the package we ask to receive it in. Desires are cravings and impulses connected with addictive behavior to always seek longingly outside of the Self. A desire will send a message to the Universe that I am lacking something and therefore the Law of Attraction steps up to the plate and give us more lack. Intentions are the natural manifestation of resolve. An example would be seen in the tiny acorn. We would see no mighty oak but we know the acorn will grow into one anyway. Understanding the value of how thoughts can manifest in “mindfulness” will give us direct resource to the power of intentions.


Dr Mona Lisa Schultz

Dr Mona Lisa Schultz

Dr. Schulz believes that all of us were born with intuitive ability and the capacity to read energy fields, but that this innate ability gradually diminishes over time because it has been culturally feared and devalued instead of cultivated. >>>more


Dr. Doris Eliana Cohen

It has been my great privilege to help thousands of people the past 30 years.  My training as a psychologist and my gifts as a healer and psychic have enabled me to help my clients gain better understanding of their lives and past lives,... >>>more


Letting Go Letting Grow

Are you feeling the burden of your desires? Understanding what it is you desire will clarify why certain actions take form creating memories of pain, suffering and hopelessness. When we begin to understand the idea of Karma as a desire which manifests as a series of actions resulting in memories as the bases for our programs we are able to change behaviors and results by first looking at the desire. Most of the time we are trapped in the memories and forget why we then bury the memory and repeat the actions.

The burnout occurs when we continue to strive for anything which creates the same results and the frustration leads to “quitting” or simply “giving up”. This process is not equivalent to letting go and accepting what is happening. Letting go is kept in balance with manageable discernment through examining the desires and alleviating the ones that do not bring Joy.


Conscious Business In An Unconscious World

What does this mean? Well for starters it is how you can best be of service to others for the highest good of the whole in the business ecosystem. Your relationships to the team members in your ecosystem will determine how effective the business environment will succeed. Being able to plan and implement ideas for growth within your network will evolve at a greater rate of success when all the players in the organization are in the same mindset.

The ability to understand the values you are setting forth with what you want to create is having a high level conscious plan to create joy and serenity as the matrix in your eco-business. Happy employees are more willing to grow your vision than employees who are participating in a defragmented, inauthentic social network. The key to expanding your success is to become more intuitive about both the financial and the spiritual needs of your ecosystem.


Jeff Peck

Jeffrey Peck

Jeffrey Peck is an intuitive counselor, Angel Therapy Practitioner®, and a Reiki Master Teacher. For those of us who feel that sometimes our lives are stuck in a rut, that we don't know what we're doing, where we're going, or why, Jeff brings a passion for Reiki combined with the healing presence of the angelic realm to help us find the Light within.



We can connect more clearly to the ideas associated to thoughts when we open the field of our consciousness through play. As we tap into our ability to play effectively and spontaneously we are expanding our creative consciousness. Taking more time in our daily lives to be spontaneous, fun filled and laugh, we are allowing the genius within to discover the adventure of life! Ask yourself when was the last time you went on a picnic alone, climbed a tree, played hopscotch or danced the tango? How often do you finger paint, play pickup sticks or sing silly songs? The inner child longs to be free and perhaps take life a little less serious, but unless we commit daily to discovering how we can explore our inner world through the inner child we are limiting our consciousness creatively. Have you played lately?.


Reverend Kyra Baehr

Reverend Kyra Baehr

Reverend Kyra Baehr, ordained in 1997, pioneered Unity of Divine Love in Chandler, Arizona in 2000.  Kyra is a passionate visionary leader and speaker with a contagious enthusiasm and presence that uplifts and inspires.  During a celebration service




Renée Morgan Brooks

Renée Morgan Brooks is synonymous with inspirational and motivational performances. Renée has prepared hearts and minds to receive Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson, Neale Donald Walsch and Gary Zukove. On tour Renée brought ...




Joseph P Anthony – Psychic Astrologer

As we continue the month with “Robert and Friends” on Create Your Life By Design, today’s guest host is Psychic Astrologer Joseph P. Anthony who works closely with businesses and corporations to forecast areas of value for their companies.

In a lively conversation Joseph and Robert discuss their personal predictions and outlooks on the coming events leading up the end of the Mayan Calendar, Dec. 21, 2012. With so much mystery surrounding this date and the possible fear that many people are experiencing with this unknown time, it is reassuring to listen to Joseph touch on certain dates we should all be paying attention to in the coming years. It is a time of letting go of the old way of thinking about abundance vs. debt and connect to our higher purpose for being spiritual energy manifested as physical expressions, both uniquely profound and mundane in our simplicity of common ground.




Jaena Moynihan

On the first of a five series July showcase entitled “Robert and Friends”, Psychic Medium Jaena Moynihan guest hosts with Robert to discuss the power of judgment and other topics. Yes, it may take lifetimes, and it does, to arrive at the true knowledge of Who We Are, through the courage of living, growing and evolving we are all destined for the One greatness in complete wholeness. Whatever path each person takes in their personal journey to Love, we all have within, the One Voice which reminds us that we are exactly where we are suppose to be at this present moment and to not take it all so seriously! It is time for humanity to stretch out its enormous wings and discover the incredible lightness of being within. You are invited to join Jaena and Robert as they explore how we are all part of the grand plan of the universe to explore all possibilities which ultimately lead the human expression into fulfillment.



With so many messages coming forth from Spirit, on today’s show Robert opened a channel to Source to channel a message of healing to the listeners and ultimately to the world. The messages which came through were both timely and important as we all journey into our future Self in this present eternal moment awakening within. The messages of healing give us all an opportunity to clarify within the personal mind that the new health of ourselves and the planet will come through spiritual growth rather than the “land of more” and the control of outer authority as the responsible party can be relinquished to a higher purpose in Peace, Love and Happiness. In allowing the Universal Truths to shine forth through the vibration of Love, we are willing champions to the perfection we already have within each of us. Through the process of holding the personal vision of the gifts we uniquely express, and by being steadfast in the discipline required to become uniquely responsible for our thoughts, words and deeds we may journey into a time when everyone awakens to a revelation that the only true authority in the world is in our ability to discern within ourselves what is in the best and highest good of the whole of life. Many blessings to each of us as we call forth all the fragmented parts of Who We Are and join them together to become truly magnificent in our Authentic Self. Love and Gratitude.


The Movies In Our Mind are how we feel every day. What movie clips, or stories do you play over and over again to validate how you feel? Are they tragedies, romances, epic dramas, comedies? Do the stories you have already created play out each and every moment to remind you of why you feel the way you do? I ask these questions to further examine the output to become clearer about the input. If we are telling the same stories over and over again to others then what do we attract from them in return? If we are feeling unhappy it is because we are playing an unhappy movie in our mind. If the story is filled with high dramatic crescendos then we will feel the ecstasy of that drama in return. It is important to become the observer of all the sound bites and movie clips we refer to each day. Because we know what we focus on we give power to in the form of feelings. Those feelings will attract more of the same feeling back to us. Life is the movie we are making and whether we know it or not we spend a great deal of time guest starring in other people’s movies instead of focusing on the one we are making. This is usually due to not wanting to exam the movie of our own life. It is time to observe all the stories we have already created and ask our Self, “Do the stories I repeat in my mind allow me to feel good about myself, and others, or to feel bad?” What movies are you watching? What stories do you tell? Am I the maker of my movies or the movies I make?


As we awaken into our alignment with the Universe within the problems we have tried to reconcile in our outer world are rising to the surface more rapidly. We are discovering all our challenges are the smaller waves which have been churning beneath the surface, and letting go of everything within the “field of problems” is the push/pull of our calling. Today we invite ourselves to evolve into a new level of understanding by discovering our opportunities to embrace the wave approaching our new conscious awareness. Our old way of thinking and acting attempted to challenge and struggle in this occurrence of change through fearing the unknown “imagined parts” of our journey. Now is the moment where we stand on the shore with courage to embrace any part of ourselves which does not seem whole and dive into the wave directly experiencing how quickly we surface on the other side of the calm waters of change to float effortlessly to the top. Our relationship to ourselves through others is mirroring in all the internal conflicts of the outer world around us and it is time to ask ourselves, “Are we standing on the shore viewing our lives out of need or out of love?” Today we are ready, able and willing to ride the wave of our expanding consciousness by first embracing the wave and then begin to enjoy the surfer in all of us!


Today’s show opens up a dialogue with our Imagined Self. As we open ourselves up to exploring the ability to symbolically tap into our “inspired dream life”, we begin to imagine a million more times than we ever believed possible. We begin to truly create our life by design through tapping into our future Self in a process known as mental time travel (MTT). The results can be staggering as we manifest what we truly want from the end of the desire fulfilled. This journey allows us to realize a new opportunity of growth through exploring the Awakened Self, knowing that everything we truly need and require has already been provided by the Universe and we now awaken to know this is true. Come and journey along with Robert today as he explores what possible outcomes are already realized on the sojourn to the year 2012 and beyond.


In Robert’s new book, Imagined Self (Fall 2009) our ability to mentally time travel (MTT) is a tool we can harness to experience the future Self as connected to the present Self and imagine a million more times that we normally do. Understanding how more rewarding the journey can be today when we imagine who we are in the future (a year from now) and develop in our mind’s eye what actions are required to create our life by design from working backwards from the future Self and arrive in the present moment. Once this Imagined Self has been explored we can easily begin the adventure today knowing that we have already created what we want in our best and highest good in our future and being free of the worry of how it will work out allows us to simply trust each day. If we imagine ourselves happy and joyful a year from now then we realize that we can feel the same way in this present moment as we journey on the road of the Imagined Self in joy.

For more information on upcoming Imagine workshops or if you wish to sponsor an event in your community please visit the “events” page on www.robertpease.net or contact us at info@robertpease.net


On today’s show Robert expands on his view of the three aspects of forgiveness – forgive me, thank you, and I love you. Understanding and expanding the aspects of forgiveness into three stages of releasing past anger, shame, guilt, betrayal and co-dependency by examining each stage of conscious growth we are able to unleash all burdens of the heart. Understanding why it is of value to allow ourselves to open to all shifts in the alignment of the Self through first forgiving, then letting go and finally acceptance in neutrality strengthens our magnificent hearts and our willingness to move more clearly in the direction of our prayers to create our lives by design.


Part 2 of the principle teachings from his book, Spiritual Bootcamp: This is Your Wake Up Call are presented. In this ongoing presentation, Robert discusses the deeper meaning of the science of numbers by offering further insights to “create your life by design.” Today’s show examines his Map of Manifestation as exemplified in the journey taken from Intentions to reflection in purpose as realized in Materialization. Studying both numbers present and missing in your birth path opens the potential to greater understanding of why certain attractions are appealing and why others create inner conflicts. Included in the topic are the Master Numbers and what the opportunity each number offers the individual who has a “master“ number in their birth path. Also, special attention is placed on the value of the tools presented in the science of numbers to expand the ability to navigate through life by affirming conscious choices that empower a Self-directed life and clearer intentions to manifest for the best and highest good for everyone.


Part 1
of the principle teachings from his book, Spiritual Bootcamp: This is Your Wake Up Call are presented. His ongoing concepts of utilizing the spiritual tools found in numerology are discussed. Through a simple formula Robert describes how we can recognize why we attract certain animate and inanimate energies into life. Including why certain tools we possess within us are also given so naturally to the world around us. In developing and maximizing our potential to “create your life by design” we are able to fully gain the ultimate prize of greatest awareness. Numerology, as the science of numbers, further developed by Pythagoras, a holistic healer, in the 6th century, explores the idea of the secret relationship in numbers and is a study of the meaning of numbers and how they influence life.

This chart will help you more fully develop the simple spiritual tools presented on today’s show.

The music on today’s broadcast is the eclectic voice of Annie Moscow who will be appearing in May, 2009 at The Awakening Conference in Mesa, AZ. To learn more about her go to www.anniemoscow.com



On today’s show Robert discusses the concept of “The Movie We Make” and compares time spent in front of the TV and at the movie theater as mirrors to the life we are creating by design. In taking a deeper look into why we create a greater illusion of life through our experiences as “guest stars” in other people’s movies educates and often stimulates the opportunity to begin to create and value our own life movie instead of ignoring our responsibility to the Self by vicariously living through others.

Robert shares his journey as a “travelling monk” and iconic “movie maker” with the audience as a personal example of how, through growth in consciousness, we finally move from being co-dependent with others to broadening our scope in Self-confidence to begin taking responsibility for our own life movie. In creating more willingness through courage, a deeper commitment arises to realize that the life movies we are making for ourselves will be more joyful if we let go of the controlling factors and begin to accept help from others. Once the co-creative process is set into motion and Love steps in then we discover we can truly turn over the direction of our life movie to the Universe and simply enjoy “being” in the movie called “Life.”

The oracle card pulled and discussed today is TRUST.

Music in today’s broadcast was sung by Ester Nicholson who can be seen live at The Awakening Conference in Mesa, Arizona; May 14-17. An inspired singer/songwriter who shares her story of recovery and love which empowers all of us to our universal connection to the Oneness within.


On today’s show Robert introduced two methods in his Spiritual Toolbox from his book Spiritual Bootcamp: This Is Your Wake Up Call. The idea of today’s broadcast is to remind all of us the value of taking care of ourselves each and every day. The first spiritual tool is the opportunity to increase physical health, mental alertness and mind consciousness by becoming attuned to Reiki. The Usui Reiki technique is a “hands-on healing “ technique to improve mindfulness, reduce stress and energize the body through positive cellular reproduction. You are invited to become attuned as Reiki Master on his website www.reikivibes.net for free!

The second spiritual tool opportunity is beginning to truly understand the value of a daily meditation program. With both tools, Robert educates us on the history of both spiritual tools and their place in ancient and modern history. A sample program is discussed on how to create a light meditation experience each day to enhance the vitality of the body and to also increase consciousness to become more fully alive. The journey to a happier, healthier and more fulfilled life begins with knowing that the journey to Love begins by tapping into the Kingdom of Bliss within.

Music on today’s show is courtesy of Faith Rivera. To learn more about Faith and her Emmy Award Winning music check out www.faithrivera.com and enjoy her free downloads and her personal spiritual journey she shares with everyone.


Today’s show focuses on the value and the gifts that can be understood during hard economic times.

The occurrences which cause stressful times are brought about by the individual, the community and the nation over emphasizing materialism as the path to happiness and in hard times ultimately having the realization that joy is the inward journey. Whether we are prospering or not has nothing to do with happiness inside. Materialism is little bumps of high on the road to happiness but is not Happiness. However, during the times of the appearance of bad economy many prosper in spite of the fear of scarcity. The way of the true mystic is to tap into the inner Source of ALL THAT IS and ask for the One Creative Thought which can inspire an individual, a family, a community and a nation.

The music heard on the broadcast today is from Lucinda Drayton. You can hear more of her music and the music of Bliss at www.blissfulmusic.com.


On his premiere show Robert introduces himself to the audience and discusses his background and philosophy. As he will do on every show he pulled and Oracle card and opened himself up to Universal Mind to explore the messages from Spirit. Letting the voice flow though him, the journey of the Heart is once again the focus of each day. Exploring our role in the global community as the center of the work we all share, elevates each of us out of our personal world, of the individual, into the larger world as a family of Souls. As we deepen our experiences through meditation as prayer we broaden the spectrum of light to see the courage of all Human Beings to be here on the planet to expand the consciousness of ALL in this great awakening. Inspirational music on the show today is by Lucinda Drayton at www.blissfulmusic.com . Robert also discussed his new ezine Spirit Spotlight and invited everyone to submit articles that inspire, educate and elevate to be published internationally every month. For more information about this and other creative project underway you can go to his website!




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