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Ben and Efrat



"Let the Day Begin" with Mary Adams

February 24, 2011:  listen (left click),  download (right click)

March 24, 2011:  listen (left click),  download (right click)


Ben and Efrat

Soul-mates and partners for life. Leaders, Mentors, Teachers, Friends, Lovers...Relationship experts, personal and couples coaches, Tantra mentors.
Authors, speakers. Our life Mission - To provide, to assist and inspire around us a life based on love.Our work attitude is special. It combines modern approaches with ancient Tantric paradigms and practices.
Our expertise is based on blending our professional experience in working with couples and individuals with our own successful experience. Our life is a life of awareness and each and every experience is an opportunity for growth.

Our first show covered some of the very basic elements of a relationship. We will look at the question "Why are people together?" and bring a fresh and unique perspective on this topic. We will cover the importance of establishing a sacred space in a couple's life. If there will be enough time we will also cover the topic of ceremonies in a couple's life and their importance.

In the 2nd interview Ben and Efrat will talk about the importance of the sacred space in a relationship and what builds a solid sacred space. Without a well defined sacred space which provides an answer to every aspect of life, the mutual journey seems like a rocking boat. Ben and Efrat will also speak about ceremonies and their importance for a successful and joyous relationship. In this show Ben & Efrat will begin to cover another major issue which is a basis for a great life together - Applying personal responsibility to every aspect of life."




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