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Barbara Bullard
Barbara Bullard


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"What We're Thinking About" with Ken Ludwig

July 23, 2009:  listen (left click)download (right click)


Barbara Bullard, M.A., has worked as a Professor of Speech Communications at Orange Coast College for over 42 years. During her tenure at OCC, she has won numerous awards, most notably among them the NISOD Teaching Excellence Award (1994, 1999, 2000, 2002, and 2003), was written up in the publication “Who’s Who in America’s Teachers” (2002-present), and honored with OCC’s Faculty Member of the Year nomination seven times since 1994. She is the co-author of Communication from the Inside Out.

Professor Bullards’s work as a teacher and her years as a parent raising two children with Attention Deficit Disorder led her to become very interested in music as a universal means by which her students and children could overcome their learning challenges, improve their learning abilities, and heighten their performance in the educational setting. This interest eventually lead Bullard to work with The Monroe Institute—where she was exposed to years research on the brain and how frequencies can be used as a tool for healing the body and mind, as well as the fruits of that research: Hemi-sync.

Her fascination with the amazing results of Hemi-Sync led to Professor Bullard’s collaboration with the Monroe Institute marrying musical formats with the binaural technology of Hemi-Sync, now known as “Metamusic.” Over the past 18 years, the collaborative result, Remembrance, has proven to be extraordinarily helpful for the normative student as well as those with a variety of learning challenges—specifically ADD, ADHD, and Dyslexia.

Metamusic, which combines appropriate musical formats with patented Hemi-Sync, is a type of “designer music,” designed to facilitate whole-brained Beta brainwave states necessary for quantum learning. Professor Bullard’s other collaborations with the Monroe Institute include Einstein’s Dream, Seasons at Robert’s Mountain, Indigo for Quantum Focus, and most recently Illuminations, Lightfall, Breakthrough, and Revelations For Heightened Creativity.

…As a Speaker

Professor Barbara Bullard is an internationally recognized lecturer known for her inspiring and informative style. As an expert on the brain, mind, and body—she is asked to speak regularly at conventions across the world, and has been a featured expert on videos promoting Super-learning. As the owner of Quantum Technologies, she regularly promotes the uses and benefits of Hemi-Sync products. Due to her innovative work in the field of education and her efforts with the Monroe Institute, she is a much sought-after speaker.

“Barbara’s delivery is humorous and challenging. She received a standing ovation for her inspirational message on healing our primary relationships and on her work with the Monroe Institute, which help us bridge to the 21st Century!”—Pat Rosenblad, TX

“Her presentation? Splendid! Her delivery? Awesome!”—Clara Pascar, Sequin, TX

“A memorable experience that I hope others can share.”—Neil Powell, Austin, TX

“We met in Ft. Myers in January 1996--changed my life!”—Theresa Dearduff, FL

“...The insights I have gained due to the facilitation of our class and your love has been invaluable to me!” —David J., CA

“Barbara keeps her audience enthralled and at the same time engulfed with laughter, for she sees the humor in the human scene. [She is] one of the best teachers to come down the pike in decades.”—Jim Dixon, VA

…As an Author

Professor Bullard co-penned her book Communication From the Inside Out with fellow OCC Speech Communication professor Kat Carroll. Her research—both individual and collaborative--has been written up in numerous publications:

Bullard, Barbara. “Opening the Door to the ADD Mind with Metamusic,” Children of the New Earth, Spring 2004.

Bullard, Barbara. “Metamusic: Solving Bedtime Sleep Struggle,” Children of the New Earth, Oct 2004.

Bullard, Barbara. “Facing the Learning Challenges of ADD/ADHD and Dyslexia.” Focusing the Whole Brain. Ed. Ronald Russell. Hampton Roads, 2004.

Bullard, Barbara. “Metamusic: Music for Inner Space.” Hemi-Sync Journal, Vol.XXI. 2003.

Bullard, Barbara. “Language and Super-Learning,” and “Walking the AIDS Circle: Healing Through Hemi-Sync.” Using the Whole Brain: Integrating the Right and Left Brain with Hemi-Sync Sound Patterns. Ed. Ronald Russell. Hampton Roads. 1993.

Bullard, Barbara. “The Road to Remembrance.” Focus newsletter, 1995.

Bullard, Barbara. “H-Plus Odyssey: Part I-II-III.” Focus newsletter, 1993.

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