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Bert Janssen

Archived show on:

"Move into the Magic" with Maxine Taylor

February 24, 2014:  listen (left click),  download (right click)

Dutch native, Bert Janssen, is an award winning author, researcher, frontier scientist and motivational speaker. His interest in the power of shapes, form, harmony, and geometry has led him into the mysterious worlds of quantum science, Gothic cathedrals, crop circles, Inka shamanism, sacred sites and into ... The Otherworld. He travels all over the world to study, photograph and report on these subjects, which has led to the production of three documentaries.

Bert Janssen has written numerous articles and he is the author of several books, including ‘The Hypnotic Power of Crop Circles’ and the mind-provoking spiritual thriller, ‘Sophia's Egg’. A fascinating, suspenseful, fast paced story based on Gnostic insights.

Bert Janssen has been interviewed by countless radio stations, has been guest on several television shows and has appeared in numerous documentaries. Over the years, Bert Janssen has become one of the most high energy, mind provoking performers, storytellers, and inspiring entertainers of the world, who time and again uncovers and exposes the most improbable cross connections and links.


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