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Barb Lundgren
Barb Lundgren


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I am a natural rebel and adore all ways of thinking about and dissecting this great thing called life, constantly on the lookout for new information, radical and inspired ways of taking charge of myself, my health, my world. Despite much formal education, I knew absolutely nothing about the "real world" until I became a mother, which was and still is the most earth shattering, mind expansive turn my life has taken to date - and that was 26 years ago. I morphed from work in a conforming, intellectual university position, fully planning on creating a "Skinner box" for my firstborn (taken from the work of famous behavioral psychologist B.F. Skinner) and returning to full time employment, leaving my son with a nanny - to having a home birth, family bed and committing myself to full time motherhood and unschooling in a matter of weeks. I have a story I tell about how this transformation came to be, but for the life of me I really can't figure out the magic of how so much change descended into my inquiring mind in such a short time.

No matter, as it was the impetus for the most intense, profound love a person can experience. I chose to open myself to that love, teaching myself to observe, listen and nurture the inherent intelligence in my child, and later children, as I went on to have two more, a daughter and then another son. My kids are all grown now at 26, 24 and 20 and so different from each other, so incomparable to anyone else. Unschooling really does give power to the individual to create oneself as one wishes to be! All three of them, along with my husband of 39 years, will be at the conference so you can meet them and see for yourself - in fact, my grown children continue to love the conference event so much, they wouldn't miss it. My husband and I have also come far on unschooling ourselves as we create the space to nurture our children to unschool themselves, moving from lives of conditioned structure and the pursuit of external rewards to lives of self-directed, inspired action, self-employment, parenting and be-ing.

The organizer in me was compelled years ago to inspire others to take on this magical (unschooled) road less travelled and I founded theRethinking Education conference, now an international event in it's 13th year, held in the Dallas area over Labor Day weekend in September. We do so much rethinking during our 5 day event that we have evolved to an official Rethinking Everything event this year, inspiring not just unschooling but powerful alternatives in health care, work, living, eating, sex, sustainable living and lots more. The conference slogan is "Do What You Love, Love What You Do".

My favorite pastime is seeking out the company of people of any age who are engrossed in loving what they are doing. My decades-long, unofficial study of this blissful state has taught me that self- taught, self-made skill rules. Stop jumping through another's hoopsand turn on to what makes you tick and do that. Give up your worries about how much money it will produce, how long the interest will last, whether there's any future in it. The magic of following your heart opens big, wide doors to unimaginable opportunities you can't even begin to predict. Life is good, powerful, pure magic and meant to be lived exactly as you wish it to.

Rethinking Everything



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