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Tim Magner

tim magner


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It's Easy Being Green" with Cathy Ingham

July 09, 2009  listen (left click)download (right click)


I’ve lived a lot in my thirty-eight years–and in a lot of places too. From studying history in Vienna, to drinking tea in Boston, teaching golf in North Carolina, eating grits in Georgia, skiing with kids that rip in Colorado, exploring New York City, ice-fishing in Minnesota, cheering on the Nebraska Cornhuskers and nearly calling California home. My nephew Johnny thinks I’m eighty-three!

Since early on in life, I have loved to learn (even if I didn’t always do my homework!). Dad regularly unplugged the lamp next to my bed to get me to put down my book and go to sleep. My earliest memories are of summers filled with life outdoors –mostly at our grandparents homes in Wisconsin and Michigan. We chased frogs and swam after fish. We pulled weeds in the garden and picked berries. Our family bought roadside sweet corn and Mom organized husking competitions. I napped in the shade under the fruit trees and wondered about becoming a farmer. We climbed trees, explored the woods after rainstorms and even visited the garbage dump to watch bears.

Now, I live in Chicago where I mostly read - about where we’ve been and where we are. But it’s where we’re going which fascinates me. Led by more and more informed citizens with passion, the seeds of a “Green Revolution” have sprouted. Change is upon us, and with a concerted and sustained effort the transformation of how our global village lives will take place faster and be more complete than the Industrial Revolution. We’ll harness current solar energy to power our lives, while learning to build what we need without creating waste–much like nature has done for a few billion years. And, we’ll do it all while improving the quality of our lives without jeopardizing the lives of future generations.

There are numerous big-thinkers who write for adults about the “Green Revolution” (see Favorite Links for bookshelf recommendations), but there are too few books on this subject for children. I choose to write simple stories for children on this biggest of topics: the environment. Immerse curious kids in the ways of nature early and often and they come to understand and feel compassion for it. They learn to see the world for what it is–a world full of connections. Once "hooked on nature," they become leaders capable of great and necessary things.

Where did the name “Sugar” originate?
With my last name being Magner, "Mags" was my nickname. This changed after I attempted to sing the Grateful Dead tune “Sugar Magnolia” as a Boston College student. I became SugarMags. Then, just Sugar.




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