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Francesca McCartney
Francesca McCartney


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"An Invitation to Heal" with Rodney Gene, Jr.

"The Language Of Intuition"

July 08, 2009:  listen (left click)download (right click)


Francesca McCartney, PhD, is president of Energy Medicine University and the Academy of Intuition Medicine® in California. Working as an “intuitive” in the medical field, since 1976, Francesca teaches health care practitioners energetic techniques to discover the source of pain and disease and guides clients in an effective hands-on healing therapy.

Dr. McCartney has taught the science of Intuition Medicine for 24 years at the Academy of Intuition Medicine. Francesca presents a bridge between traditional scientific thought and the practice of medical intuition. Health-care practitioners and laypeople learn a holistic approach through dialogue, hands-on practices, meditations, and experiential experiments. This methodology seeks to define our bioenergetic nature and guiding us to explore what we intuitively know yet may not trust. You can immediately put this practice into all endeavors of life.

She has a huge library of material to offer. http://www.intuitionmedicine.com/academy/orderform.htm




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