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Elsie Sze
Elsie Sze


Show Archive

"Let the Day Begin" with Mary Adams

October 30, 2009:  listen (left click),  download (right click)


Acclaimed writer, Elsie Sze, a native Hong Kong citizen, currently resides in Toronto, but she has traveled far and wide in her life before settling in Canada. Sze has traveled to many unfamiliar countries such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Turkey, Tanzania, South Africa, most of the countries in Europe, China, Russia, India, and Egypt. Though a woman of travels, she devotes her time to fiction writing and has expressed many of her wondrous explorations in her novels. Recently, she produced her newest book, The Heart of the Buddha, exploiting the elegant lands of Bhutan.

When writing The Heart of the Buddha, Sze was truly inspired by the great lands of Bhutan. Her depictions of the landscape encompass the texture and feel of the beautiful country. Through her entanglement of mystery and glorious description, she provides great insight about the country that’s often forgotten.

Her first novel Hui Gui: A Chinese Story, was nominated for Foreword Magazine Fiction Book of the Year Award in 2006. The Toronto Arts Council awarded Sze a grant for her work with the book. Sze’s short stories have been published in IMPRINT Magazine (an annual publication of Women in Publishing Society, Hong Kong) and Cairns Media Magazine. Most recently, New York’s InTheFray Magazine published her article on Bhutan. Sze meets regularly with members of her writers’ group in Toronto to share writing and publishing news as well as critique writings of fellow members.

This renowned educator graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Sze continued her education at the University of Toronto, where she acquired a Bachelor of Education and a master’s degree in English. Additionally, Sze took her education just a step beyond and earned a master’s degree in Library Science from the University of Chicago.

Sze has worked as a high school English teacher in Hong Kong and Toronto, and served as a librarian at the Warren-Newport Public Library in Gurnee, Illinois and Toronto Public Library in Toronto, Canada. She also serves as Director and Office Manager of Sze Associates Ltd.

Though Sze enjoys worldly excursions, she resides with her husband Michael in Toronto. As a dual citizen of the United States and Canada, Sze often travels between the two countries. She has three sons and one grandchild. With her novels, Sze truly believes in spiritual connection and embracing the life and love around her. When she’s not writing or traveling, Sze favors playing bridge and reading.

The Heart of the Buddha by Elsie Sze (October 2009, ISBN 978-1-934572-30-6, $14.95, Emerald Book Company)


website: www.elsiesze.com

Babs Chandrasoma at babs@prbythebook.com or 512-289-4339


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