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"Auspicious Journey"

With host: Athena Jezik mt.,cst., ldt.

We are already who we need to be, it is a matter of remembering, and stepping into the space where the possibility for life is living it fully.

Athena Jezik is a visionary for possibilities in the world. She is a body worker in the modalities of Cranio/sacral therapy, lymphatic drainage therapy and massage therapy. Her passion is to see change how health services are structured. In her 21+ years of practice she has witnessed some very dark practices. Although the dark side is not the focus of her work, her belief is to get clear distinctions of what we are doing to ourselves, our children, and our planet by understanding what is so within the opposite polarity. Athena desires for all to have choices which are well informed.

She is on the steering committee for Veteran's Initiative Alliance, a non-profit organization which is currently developing into a service for functional alternative and complementary medical choices for therapies addressing the needs for men and women veteran's. She also teaches the techniques of these therapies private and semi privately.

She intends for Auspicious Journey to be a conversation where thinking is encouraged and stepping onto a new fresh canvas of existence becomes possible. Where we create on a new canvas the structure of society we choose.

Summed up Athena aligns with the view that:

Earthlings are disrespectful to our earth (home), to others and to ourselves. What is the value in that?

We can become:

Responsible freedom of self determination becoming truly self confident and free to unconditionally be responsible for ourselves without being coerced to accept some higher authority. -andromeda


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Live - Wed
10 - 11am CST




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