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Live - Wednesday's
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The Fountain of Youth

"Being Delight"

With host: Alin Dee

Logistically you'll find Alin living in the forests east of Austin Texas where he lives in a small contemplative community. He supplies wheatgrass for the central Texas health industry and lives a simple life of rainwater collection and solar energy independence. His interests and activities might be seen as pushing the envelope..... native plant, mushroom, wild chicken and insect eating and urine therapies . Through his years in the horticultural industry, he went to the fringe of organic growing research making fertilizers from liquefied coal and hair collected from public cutters. (That particular product was called Public Hair and smelled like a perm gone bad... it never went over too well.) He currently spends his time fanning the wildfires of the awakening.

What is Being Delight? In Alin's words:
"Being delight is not a show about the fixing a physical world. It is a show about YOU. It's about the atonement, the correction, the shift. It is a 60 minute shared experience of our awakening to the reality that the world, and in fact time and space, only exist as a function of selective consciousness within the infinite creative possibilities of the Christ mind, God's only creation and our only reality. You did the rest. No harm done. It's just a play in consciousness.... the sandbox of pure energy.

As mind awakens to the harmlessness of the Earth plane creation, and delights in ever increasing identification with the true self, pure love, as it was created, so begins the healing, the purification. As the layers of non reality are stripped (voluntarily of course) from your thought image of yourself, then less and less exists to block the presence of your true creating self, as your creator created you, to create through love's extension. This is your only joy. For the snap of time that you seem to remain with a body, you heal the world.

When so many layers of mis-creation within you have been released, then no idea of a separate "you" will remain to distort the presence and flow of God's love. That is when Love incarnate walks in 3D form. That is when Christ walks the Earth. You are that one. Surrender. Cut it out. It's been long enough and time nears it's end. Soon a million Christs walk the Earth in preparation for the ascension of the Earth plane into a vast new dimension. At some point you must choose to settle for no less. You will desire nothing else. Nothing else will longer hold any value to you. There is no other plan that will work.

Now the fun begins. Now for the first time ever we will LIVE. Now Christ returns to heal his/her self and all of creation. That is your only function. You can delay another day, but there is no other way out of the dream than to awaken. And there is nothing to awaken to other than your eternal reality. There is no other power than God's and it will surge powerfully through the body/mind given over to the correction.

We do this together for 60 minutes. That is Being Delight. Come play with us.

I am loved
I am loving
I am lovable forever
I am THAT I am
I forgive me my illusions
I desire only my truth
I forgive you
Not because you did anything
I had you on the hook and
that had me on the hook
I release you and I am released
Christ incarnate and forgiven
Love in 3D
I am that One
You are That One


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Live - Wed
1 - 2pm CST




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