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Websites: www.fengshuibyleigh.com


     E-mail: info@fengshuibyleigh.com



Check Out Leigh's internet TV show
"Feng Shui, Your Way" for tips and more.

"Leave The Chi To Leigh"

With host: Leigh Kubin

Leigh's approach to Feng Shui is simple, practical and very powerful. She believes that we create with our environment and that what we see everyday is what we create. When we set our environment up to create happiness, health, and wealth; that is what we see. Leigh teaches to focus on what you want rather than what you don't and empowers her clients as well as students

Leigh Kubin has been studying Feng Shui for 9 years. She studied under Sharon Stasney, received her certification from The Feng Shui Training Center (FSTC) and began her practice in 2004. In 2006 FSTC was for sale, and Leigh knew that was her next logical step, she now owns and runs FSTC. Leigh also maintains her practice, Feng Shui By Leigh, has written one book, Your Life Designed and is working on her second book Our Classroom Designed. Being a Mom, Leigh recognizes the importance of Feng Shui-ing the classrooms for the kids. In 2007 Leigh began hosting the series"Feng Shui Your Way" and is now hosting a weekly radio talk show "Leave The Chi To Leigh" on Co-creator Network.


Follow along in Leigh's New Book
"Your Life, Designed"
Completely Feng Shui your space in 9 weeks

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