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Website: www.helloself.com

E-mail: emily@helloself.com


hello!self blog

"Hello!Self Happy Hour"

With host: Emily Horak, Life Coach for Positive Living

Discover, design and live your very best life! Emily Horak, a real girl livin’ the good life from the inside out, and life coach for positive living, infuses laughter, spirit and fabulous-life-living savvy in this weekly show for positive, inspired living. Proving you don’t have to be perfect, nor must you be Eckhart Tolle himself , to live your very best life – a peace-filled, laughter-brimming, purpose-driven, and joy-dominating kind of life. Share what’s fabulous in your life - or ask a question to be responded to in a later show - by emailing: happyhour@helloself.com

As a certified, professional life coach for positive living, Emily Horak empowers inspired individuals to discover, design and live their very best lives. She’s a life coach today because life – with all its drama, joy, hardships and endless lessons – has proven to her, time after time, that living her ultimate joy, peace and purpose is absolutely the best way to go about this amazing experience we call life – and life coaching is an inspired aspect of her life design.

As a former wedding planner, it was Emily’s role to assist couples as they experienced, what they called, the most beautiful, happiest and best day of their lives. It was an incredible honor to be part of the joy. Yet, her intense desire for each couple, as it is for her own life and yours, to experience an even deeper, longer lasting, and way less fickle, sense of beauty, joy, peace, and celebration throughout life’s entirety, naturally led her to this spectacular opportunity as a life coach. What she knows to do, and what she is thrilled to support you with, is the beautiful process of empowering you as you live YOUR very best life – the life that unquestionably is your right and your purpose to live.

Emily is certified through the International Coaching Academy. She received her BA in Journalism and Mass Communication and holds a professional certification in event planning. Her private practice is based in beautiful Des Moines, Iowa.

Upcoming Guests

  • July 24, 2009
The Good Life
Pack your bags, we're going to our happy place! Emily cheers you on and invites you to give yourself permission to discover what YOUR best life is to you - so that you can then best align your actions in this great life. Receive your positive affirmation of the week, hear responses to listener questions and discover the people, places, products, and happenings that may add to your very best life - from the inside out!

  • July 31, 2009
Ready, Set, Let GO!
Sometimes we just need to let go of formerly-valued goals so that we are able to stay true to our best life in this moment. Emily looks at this notion, right along with you. And as always, receive your positive affirmation of the week, hear responses to listener questions, and discover the people, places, products, and happenings that contribute to the good life - from the inside out!


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