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Rodney Gene Jr

"An Invitation to Heal"

With host: Rodney Gene, Jr



Rodney's engaging and easy to understand language and style teach us and encourage us how to protect and nurture our spiritual progress and human potential on this sacred journey. He helps us learn (through inspiration and insight) how to protect our self-discovery and self worth, heal through personal understanding, maintain our clarity for our life's purpose, our daily joy, our calmness of mind, our inner peace and our personal prosperity.

This show is a fantastic exploration into the Truth about Healing and Healing with the Truth. Join Rodney along with other world-class healers as they offer clarity and truth around multiple modalities of healing. Together, they will cover practical, holistic, spiritual, modern and ancient healing mysteries and techniques with an emphasis on unlocking the practical, pragmatic mysticism that lies at the core of the Truth. They will remove the mystery, the labels, the drama and the affect appeal of healing so as to reveal the only power to heal.... the Truth.

They will get far beyond the “phenomena” of healing so that we all have the opportunity to get the most out of spiritual truth principles and get the most out of our healing journey.

Rodney is the Spiritual Director for The Garden Of Spiritual Awakening (The GOSA). A New Higher Consciousness community of Love In Action, which provides awareness, training and initiation of Universal Truth principles in a personal and intimate environment.

Rodney is the founder of The Garden Of Light Spiritual Life Path Mentoring Program and The Beautiful Man Series of Higher Consciousness Workshops for Men. He is also the originator of Identity Consciousness Therapy, which is his own unique and highly effective transformational counseling and healing. Those who participate in Rodney's House Of Consciousness Workshop get to experience some of his unique therapy techniques, ideas and processes. They are always unique, effective, healing, uplifting and genuine.

Rodney and his wife Marie continue to facilitate, develop and provide Higher Consciousness workshops and weekly Spiritual study groups for Self realizing souls on this amazing sojourn of life.

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August 12
"Labyrinth Healing"
Eve Hogan

Eve Hogan

Eve is an inspirational speaker, author of several books (listed below) including “Way of the Winding Path: A Map for the Labyrinth of Life” and a certified labyrinth facilitator.






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