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Live - Tuesday's
2 - 3pm CST




"Mastery in Progress"

With host: Kellie Brett

How exactly does a former U.S. Marine become a spiritual teacher? By accident, of course ... if by accident you mean unrelenting self-examination, a commitment to personal integrity that rivals most, and a ceaseless drive to change the world for her children, and the children she has yet to know.

Most people view *mastery* as a destination, a level of accomplishment that says "I have arrived". The inherent flaw with this approach is that it can leave people feeling discouraged when they think it will take a long time to arrive. By getting people to switch their perspective from destination to journey, it allows them to feel validated along the way versus waiting on the someday to feel accomplished.

Self-mastery isn't about making no more mistakes - it's about dedicating oneself to improve and build on what works while discarding what doesn't. As a student of universal consciousness and integrity, Kellie has spent many years studying (and putting to good use) different aspects of self-actualization. From her time as a sergeant in the military and other leadership experiences to her current and ongoing practice of the indigenous traditions of Native Americans such as sweat lodges, Vision Quest, and Sundance, Kellie continually chooses the road less traveled in order to distinguish her inner voice from the commotion of modern society. She also works to discern Truths that are undeniable regardless of age, sex, culture, religion, status, etc.

One of her most noted areas of strength is emotional healing and reprogramming. She works with people in taking them from a victim paradigm to taking responsibility for their circumstances, even when it seems they had/have no control over situations. Feeling victimized puts the point of power outside ourselves, where as empowerment puts the point of authority within us. According to Kellie "you don't have to like a situation to approach it from a place of power".

She brings forth a bold vision of empowering people to be accountable for their own beliefs, habits, and circumstances by working with courageous and committed individuals who are as excited about changing the world as she is - starting with themselves. Her ongoing pursuit of studies and creative development include the areas of communication (language), habits, healing, quantum physics, consciousness techniques, shamanism, sustainable design and photography.

Please join her and embody the change you wish to see in the world ...

Upcoming Show Dates & Topics -

May 5, 2009 - Premier show!

Journey vs. Destination ... defining *mastery* and identifying it within your own life.

May 12,2009

Power vs. Control ... distinctions about authority and responsibility over manipulation and force.

May 19, 2009

Decision vs. Choice ... distinctions that can liberate patterns of victimhood and default living.

May 26, 2009

Meaning vs. Definition ... words create - learn how to discern the vibration of what you are saying and why that is important.

June 2, 2009

Empowering vs. Enabling ... distinctions about telling someone versus teaching them.

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Live - Tuesday
2 - 3pm CST





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