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Live -Thursdays
1 - 2 pm CST





"Awakening to a New Paradigm"

With host: Melissa Wells

Melissa Wells has been a seeker of the Truth that dwells within for the past twenty years. She is a dynamic speaker and workshop facilitator with a passion for reminding others of the Absolute Truth of Who They Really Are.

Her teaching style is unique in that her intention is simply to assist others in their own awakening process. Melissa does not proclaim to teach, but rather to remind people of Who They Really Are and the answers they already have.
Melissa is also passionate about creating a safe and sacred space where workshop participants are able to uncover their own passions in life and begin their own journey of awakening.

There is an authenticity that shines through Melissa no matter what the size of her audience is. Her intention is one of living life to the fullest and having fun in every moment! And it is an honor for her to assist others in finding the greatest joys in life that lie within them.
Melissa is also a Reiki Master and public speaker. Please visit her website at to schedule an appointment for your next Healing Reiki session and/or to schedule a speaking engagement.

Awakening to a New Paradigm is a show designed to help support each other as we each awaken to a New Paradigm. We are each here to be the fullest expression of the Universe! Now is truly a time of great joy and great Awakenings! Please join us each week as we talk with individuals, just like you, who are waking up! Join us for an hour of lively conversation and music as we support each other in the Awakening of our Individual Consciousness and the Awakening of our Collective Consciousness!




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1 - 2 pm CST





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