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Kellie Brett

Hana Bakir

Live - Thursday's
2 - 3pm CST




"New Dreamers"

With hosts: Kellie Brett & Hana Bakir

The word "empowerment" is more than just a trendy buzzword to Kellie and Hana. With over two decades of collective experience in cultivating self-actualization, they are highly adept at facilitating deep healing and lasting change for people. Their tools of empowerment have far-reaching effects for those who seek their guidance.

While Kellie and Hana are very aligned in their values and mission of empowering people, they each bring a stinctly original perspective and method to making things happen. Their processes aren't based in adding more steps to your "to do " list, but rather deconstructing the existing paradigm(s) that hold you back in life while giving you a more effective foundation to build your new awareness around.

Please join them and embody the change you wish to see in the world...

Upcoming Show Dates & Topics -

4.23.09 - Create a New Reality: Part II
In this show we will pick up where we left off in Part I and continue to build on the paradigm-shifting tools. We will provide analogies and scenarios that are common to most people either through direct experiences or observations.

The Apology from Archangel Michael

I want to apologize.
Not because I did something wrong, and not because I' am trying to get off the hook for anything.
I am sorry that as a child, your innocence was used against you.
I am sorry for all the times you wanted to share your words of wisdom, and were told to be quite.
I am sorry that despite the genius you possessed in the ideas you shared, you were told that you were stupid.
I am sorry for the times you did your best, then were told it was not enough.
I am sorry for the times you were made fun off because you were different.
I am sorry that your feelings were hurt and no one was there to comfort you.
I am sorry for the tears you cried in pain and no one was there to dry them.
I am sorry that you gave your heart like a precious present and it was refused.
I am sorry for the times you were laid a hand to, whether justly or unjustly.
I am sorry for the times you were alone and afraid with no one there for you.
I am sorry for all the promises made to you that were broken.
I am sorry for your wishes that were not fulfilled and your dreams that were shattered.
I am sorry for the times you were helpless and at the mercy of others, finding there was none.
I am sorry for the times in your life that you felt like you did not matter.
I am truly sorry for the times you felt that even God found you unworthy of love…
You deserve an apology for all the thoughtless unloving acts towards you…
You are a child of God - perfect, whole, and complete.
You are a magnificent human being, worthy of love and happiness.
Your peace is not mine to give; if it were I would give it readily.
Loving you is easy- I love you just the way you are- and I don’t expect anything from you!

Bless your heart and teach only love.

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Live - Thursday
2 - 3pm CST





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