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"Create Your Life
by Design"

With host: Dr. Robert Pease


E-mail: drdp@robertpease.net

websites: www.robertpease.net      www.reikivibes.net


Robert Pease, Ph.D. is a universal spiritual teacher sharing wisdom in his workshops and books Spiritual Bootcamp and Imagine: The Desire Fulfilled. Being a transformational channeler he shares the power of Love as the awakening. His philosophy is the richness of all possibilities so everyone can live life to the fullest.

An awakened healer and psychic since childhood, Robert has been teaching, coaching and participating in meditation and prayer since 1971. He believes that the base of happiness is to love your Self which allows the light to penetrate the shadow side and fill it with love to become whole.

Create Your Life By Design is a lifestyle. The first step is to fully acknowledge the fact that you are the maker of your thoughts and not your thoughts. This revelation opens the doorway to begin listening to your deepest feelings or Truth so you can more fully live your life by design by only committing to those deeds and works that lead you to more joy.

As a psychic, Robert does not care about the fortune telling part of the work but the deeper clarity of Soul Reading. Examining what you want to truly create in your life to express the One Creative Thought that will express itself over and over again in abundance.

All thoughts lead to Love but the journey can be made so much easier if you are willing to listen to your Heart and not just feed your head! The Universal Mind, or Higher Self Consciousness encompasses the vastness of All That Is and All That I Am. All we are required to do is trust that all we need and require are available to us if we only listen. Intuition is the key and intuition is cultivated through meditation, prayer and spiritual teaching, development and understanding.

Robert does not presume to be the path to God for anyone except himself but his life long growth, travel, and studies have developed deeper understanding of why the adventure of life is worth exploring and enjoying even though it is fraught with pain, confusion and suffering.

Explore with Robert how the “pain body“ is only an illusion and once we know this we can create an agreement with our Higher Self to design stories that will express a world filled with joyful adventures while spending our time breathing, growing and evolving in conscious awareness.


Upcoming Guests


Wednesday May 22, 2009


Baehr, Reverend Kyra

Reverend Kyra Baehr, ordained in 1997, pioneered Unity of Divine Love in Chandler, Arizona in 2000.  Kyra is a passionate visionary leader and speaker with a contagious enthusiasm and presence that uplifts and inspires.  During a celebration service



Wednesday May 29, 2009


Mark Anthony Lord

Mark Anthony Lord is an internationally recognized spiritual leader, founder and spiritual director of the Chicago Center for Spiritual Living, and the author of The Seven Living Words - An Illuminated Perspective on the Seven Last Words from Jesus.





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