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"Unzipping Reality"

With host: Leah LaChapelle

Leah LaChapelle is an impassioned facilitator of the Great Awakening of Humanity. She lives in Austin, Texas and more importantly, in the realm of Possibility!

“UNZipping Reality”, the internet radio show, is the New Conversation that forges an awareness of what New Paradigm freedom really looks and feels like. Listeners and callers are invited to “UNZip their reality” to cause an evolutionary leap in consciousness for themselves and the planet. As Leah UNZips the old paradigm with pioneering commentary and extraordinary guests, the power of real Choice is revealed and participants are given the opportunity to rehearse who we really are beyond Left/Right thinking. Tuning in to the UNZipping Reality love frequency will leave us equipped and inspired to take the evolutionary leap to create our reality vibrationally, from an opened heart. As an Awakening Coach, Leah offers trans-dimensional help and support in the personal Awakening process – emerging from the problem (First Awakening) of separation and historical politics as usual, to the solution (Second Awakening) of multi-dimensional physics and Spirit, giving rise to Oneness and a future that is glorious. Leah’s reminders are “SHIFT Happens!” “Intend and Transcend” and “Trust the Process as YOU UNZip Reality!”

“Go on a journey with me for creating the highest and best good for all of Mankind. There is no ‘Us’ and ‘Them’ – There is only Us.” Leah

Leah is the author of the book by the same name, UNZipping Reality – 11 Steps to Create the World We Want. Learn how to go from revolution to evolution… pattern to possibility.

“Waking Up To…. Me!” coaching from Leah LaChapelle is trans-dimensional help and support in creating your life script at the end of this age. “My passion is to help in another’s Awakening Process.” Leah .


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