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Wednesdays 10 pm Eastern 9 pm Central and 7 pm Pacific


Dr. Robert Pease, Ph.D. is a universal spiritual teacher sharing wisdom in his workshops The Imagined Self and books Spiritual Bootcamp: This Is Your Wake Up Call and Imagine: The Desire Fulfilled. As a transpersonal intuitive counselor he shares the power of Love and Humor as the awakening. His philosophy is the richness of all possibilities so everyone can live life to the fullest.
An awakened healer and psychic since childhood, Dr Robert has been teaching, coaching and participating in meditation and prayer since 1971. He believes that the base of happiness is to love your Self which allows the light to penetrate the shadow side and fill it with love to become whole. This revelation opens the doorway to begin listening to your deepest feelings or Truth so you can more fully live your life by design by only committing to those deeds and works that lead you to more joy.

As a psychic, Dr. Robert does not care about the fortune telling part of the work but the deeper clarity of the Soul Reading. Examining what you want to truly create in your life to express the One Creative Thought that will express itself over and over again in abundance.

Currently Dr Robert’s new radio show premieres September 26, 2012 The Dr Robert Show on www.co-creatornetwork.com He is also the host of two other shows on the same network, Create Your Life By Design and The Reading Room. Dr Robert is also developing a One Man Show to be produced in Los Angeles and NYC in 2013.

You can connect with Dr Robert at www.robertpease.com
Twitter: @DrRobertRadio and Facebook

Robert's other radio shows and archives:
"Create Your Life By Design"
"The Reading Room

Upcoming Shows


Wednesday May 8, 2012 at 10 pm Eastern, 9 Central and 7 Pacific

Joining Dr Robert this week are guest segment hosts "I Want To Believe" Ufologist Bobby Marchesso examining the role of the alien, starship, "starseeding" and ancient aliens in our world. "Food For Thought" Shaman Chef Renee Baribeau sharing recipes and fabulous food creations and healthy living. "What Do The Stars Say?" Joseph Anthony sharing insights on current affairs for this week and beyond. Barbara Saint John with a report on understanding grief and recovering from trauma. Special guest: Zingdad interview part 2


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