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In a world that’s moving at lightning speed, we race from commitment to commitment just trying to keep up. Our hectic lives often leave us physically and emotionally exhausted, with little time or energy for introspection and conscious living.

To live a conscious life means staying awake and aware, in every moment, to what you’re thinking and feeling; to the meeting point of body, mind, and spirit; to the impact your life has on others and the environment; and to the unlimited choices, and potential, that are always present. To live a conscious life—to be awake and aware—is the path to being fully present and gloriously alive.

Life is meant to be sipped and savored, not swallowed a week at a time controlled by programs based upon our past experiences, and endless “to do” lists.

Slow down.

Don’t be afraid to feel life.

Every moment, even painful ones, have gifts of wisdom and joy to impart if we’re willing to stay conscious—fully present and open, awake and aware.

In “A Conscious Life” internationally known psychotherapist, life and business coach, energy healer, and speaker, Dr Jennifer Howard, Ph.D., and her guests, will explore what it means to be awake and conscious in your daily life, in your relationships, in your spirituality, in relationship to your health and wellness, and in your work and financial life. Dr. Howard’s guests will encompass interdisciplinary perspectives and multi-faith, and a wide range of modalities, from psychology and spirituality to medicine and wellness to quantum physics science and social activism – plus much more.

“A Conscious Life” is an invitation to take charge of your life, to identify and change what is getting in the way of you reaching your full potential. Even if you’re pretty happy with your life, the reward of living consciously is a continually deepening sense of wholeness, and satisfaction with life. The goal, here, isn’t perfection, but progress—greater awareness, steady growth, and lasting change.

Dr. Jennifer Howard Bio

As an internationally known licensed psychotherapist, life and business coach, teacher, and energy healer, Dr. Jennifer Howard, Ph.D., has worked with clients and students for over twenty years, helping them live more consciously, create lasting changes, and experience more fulfilling lives.

She is passionate about spirituality, as well as psychology, and has deeply explored both worlds since she was an undergraduate. Her pursuit has given her the ability to understand consciousness, and provide a perspective for her clients, students and readers that facilitates profound, focused, and transformational opportunities. Her articles and meditations invite people to go further into the hidden places that keep them from having the lives they want.

As a professional speaker and author, Dr. Howard’s energetic style, along with her sense of humor, helps her audiences, beginner and advanced alike; assimilate what is being taught, even when the material appears to be complex. She has a firm grasp of traveling through consciousness and brings the audience along with her in an embodied way. Her in-depth meditations, as well as her insightful talks, genuinely transform her audience. www.drjenniferhoward.com


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