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Website: www.pameladunn.org

E-mail: pam@grc333.com


Journey To Your Soul's Magnificence


"Journey To Your Magnificence"

With host: Pamela Dunn

“Journey To Your Magnificence” is a conversation about the ways in which we keep ourselves from living within our full potential – and more importantly, an actual how-to dialog for maximizing our ability to live within our magnificence.

Pamela Dunn is an author, a speaker and an emerging leader within the human potential movement.

To Pamela Dunn, love is the only thing that can transform, and fear is simply a product of not acknowledging our innate magnificence in any given moment. This is a perspective Pamela has used to help countless humans change their lives for the better, whether it be through her year-long series “The Journey to Your Soul’s Magnificence,” her role as the President and Owner of the Global Relationship Centers, or her work as the founder of The Peaceful Project, through which she helps juvenile offenders change their self-destructive behaviors.

Dunn has over 14 years of experience in teaching professional and personal development skills with methods that have lasting effects and help people unleash their magnificence and find balance in all areas of life. She does this by guiding people to challenge the preconceived notions that create unproductive world views.

Pamela’s unique ability to guide people to recognizing their inner magnificence has inspired a conversation that is sometimes a challenging one in which to engage (especially for the media)
… that there are no victims in the world, only those who do not know how, or who do not willingly choose, to live from their innate greatness.

To Pamela Dunn, who has studied theology extensively, there is divinity in every creative path that results in an expression of the truth. Her belief that personal enlightenment can be learned and that we can all turn our fears into spiritual energy with continued effort and exercise may not be in line with other messages we constantly hear in our fast-food, Twittering society, but it’s a belief that, if collectively adopted, would bring about truth, growth, and peace to so many lives and, by extension, the world as a whole.



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