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Anne Adametz



Jessica L. Puckett

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- Wednesdays
12 to 1 pm CST  

What is Karma Soma?

Our Duty

We believe in karma:
that every
thought, word and action
becomes our mental, physical and spiritual reality.

We offer the tools to shape and refine your reality, and ultimately, to help you to soften your karma.

We have faith in each person's ability to direct every thought, word and action toward the greatest good; we have the tried-and-true ancient practices to keep you focused.

Our Purpose

is to offer The House of Karma Soma: the authoritative home for tools of physical, mental and spiriual lifestyle educational suppport, worldwide.

Our design

We will offer an ever-evolving boutique of Mind, Body & Spiritual Support. Education via workshops, acupuncture sessions, yoga, essential oils, books, a variety of products, and mentorship.

Our commitment

is to advance self-care worldwide by offering the highest quality, steeped in the ancient sciences of Yoga & Chinese Medicine

Our promise

We vow to seek out and amplify the best in each person to create for themselves, and support the highest good.


Anne Adametz
is a midwestern farm girl who became a yoga therapist and Chinese Medicine Acupuncturist woman. Anne created Karma Soma Radio Show with her pal Jessica Puckett to spread the tools of Self Care Worldwide.

After traveling the world, Anne is melding her passions: helping people help themselves, emotional healing, and laughing out loud. She is the owner of Adametz Organic Health Care, with 2 locations for Acupuncture and Yoga Therapy in Madison, Wisconsin, a yoga teacher with a fabulous students, a mother, and leader of workshops around the world on everything self care and happiness....



Jessica Puckett
is a powerhouse of abundance and self-care for beauty. CEO of Pernelle Beauty, she has created skin care for those who truly want the best for themselves. With vast knowledge of aromatherapy, essential oils and Chinese Medicine, Jessica seeks to reveal the beauty within you, and you will see it.

Jessica is the YANG to Anne's YIN, the voice of truth, and she will set you straight on your path to goodness. Join Anne and Jess for some straight talk, self care and a good time.






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