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Live Big!: www.thelivebigshow.blogspot.com

The Big, Bold, Beautiful Blog: www.thebigboldbeautifulblog.blogspot.com

Our Favorite Cause: Women Healing Women

Email: livebigproductions@gmail.com


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"Live BIG!"  
With host: Xina Sy
Speaker, inspirationalist, & body-positive-activist, Sy has been speaking for well over 20 years! She enlightens audiences with her witty, humorous, real-life accounts of living & being a real woman all across the country & internationally. Sy has been featured in Oprah Magazine, on the Montel Williams Show, CNN, & Fox Good Day Atlanta. Her articles have been featured in numerous, national publications including Woman's Day! Her DVD, Resolutions for a Lifetime has been sold nationally & featured on QVC. Currently, Xina is the Executive Producer & Host of the Live BIG! Talk Radio Show & uses her gift for gab & her love of words to reach audiences across the globe on issues of self-help, motivation, inspiration, & spirituality. She is also Editor of The Big, Bold, Beautiful Blog: Where EveryBODY is considered beautiful... a blogspot focusing on positive body & self image for women. Her years of experience in public relations as "The Communications Chick," has culminated into the manifestation of her current visions of broadcasting & publishing & utilizing the media to transform lives. She resides in Atlanta & spreads her time between her 3 daughters; Charli, Brandi, & Traci--3 grandchildren; Khalil, Peyton, & Aneecia...& 2 canines; Deena & Graycie.

Live BIG! is a fresh & lively perspective featuring & profiling authors, speakers & teachers, entertainers, activist & self-help experts sharing their personal life-experiences, life-lessons, & learned wisdom on overcoming obstacles & living life to the fullest. Live BIG! is a weekly, conversational-style, lunch hour, laid-back format, on topics varying from finding your life's purpose & living your BIG dream to divorce & learning to Live BIG! after the break up! The show features bestselling authors, as well as up & coming life coaches! With every guest, listeners will be sure to be entertained & enlightened!




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