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New Thought
Talk Radio
with Camille Conte

LLive - Monday's 3 - 4pm CSTi

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New Thought Talk Radio

New Thought Talk Radio is a refreshing combination of conversations, interviews and music hosted by award winning radio broadcaster, Camille Conte."We need a new conversation. It’s time for us to seek and discover new thoughts about the complex issues that affect our lives. Thoughts are things and if we don’t like how things are going then best we look at what we’re thinking."

If you prefer civil conversations to shouting matches and healthy discourse to sensationalism, then you’ll love NTR. There’s no topic we won’t address because every topic from God to sex to politics to relationships needs a new thought. So join us and see if you have one.

New Thought Talk Radio, NTR Monday’s at noon Alaska time, 1:00 pm Pacific, 2:00 pm Mountain, 3:00 pm Central and 4:00 pm Eastern.

Here's what listeners are saying “New Thought Talk Radio”!

RevRachel H Hallelujah!! AT LAST!!!!! I will be listening!

Pamela T Congratulations, CC, and best of luck. I will tune in.

Jonathan T Right on, C.C.

Janet L ooowww, that voice on radio again - way to go, girl

Celeste D Well Camille...you certainly have a LOT of new thoughts,(and a LOT of great old thoughts...) and I can't wait to hear you share them with your listeners. I will be tuning in!!!! Much love and good luck in your new adventure!

Deb W Like, like, like!

Tina S Congrats, CC!

Megan M Congrats! Not sure what a podcast is, but if I can connect via the internet, I'd love to tune in! Again, congrats!


Susie C Way to go CC!

Leah L B Loved it, CC!! This is so great and I will drive as many as I can to your audience.


HOST ~ Camille Conte is a Marconi award winning broadcaster with twenty years of experience. Camille worked with the Pacific Rim Broadcasting Network in 1987 to help pioneer talk radio in Alaska on KENI AM/FM. Camille’s ten years at Classic Rock 100.5 The Fox, 1989 – 1997, led her to become the “most listened to DJ in the state”. In 1991, Camille was awarded the National Broadcaster’s Association Marconi Award for “Best Radio Personality”, medium size market. From 1998 – 2001, Camille hosted the morning show on KNBA, an eclectic, Alaska Native owned public radio station. Camille returned to the airwaves in January of 2007 as host of “Cutting Edge” on Newstalk 1080 KUDO Alaska’s Progressive Voice. Two years later, alongside the work of Rachel Maddow, Camille was recognized by The Nation magazine, as one of the most valuable progressives of 2008.

Camille is also a licensed Spiritual Living Practitioner through United Centers for Spiritual Living where she currently serves as chair of the UCSL Practitioner Leadership Core. She is a member of the Alaska Center for Spiritual Living where she facilitates classes and workshops, offers spiritual counseling and is a guest speaker. She owns a modern day sympathy greeting card line, Healing Hearts Cards and Professional Production Concepts, an event services company. She lives in Anchorage, Alaska.



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