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Paul Goldman

Journey Into Oneness
with Paul Goldman, MS
Live 7:00 PM Central Mondays


Awakening to our own oneness with everything, life has begun to simply sizzle beyond compare!

Join Ecstatic Poet Paul Goldman for an hour of deep exploration into how we each seek to know beyond all doubt a reckoning of our own connection, both one to another and to the One who imbues in us such immense love, simply that we may know pure ecstatic Wild Joy! right now, in this moment.

Each week will bring a new guest who will add to the dialogue how their own Journey Into Oneness has brought them to this place of constant connection, deep peace and a reckoning beyond measure that they and each one of us is loved beyond our wildest imaginings.

Paul is a Spoken Word Performance Poet, recording artist and author of three volumes of poetry. Chronologically, Paul first published the chapbook, The Meek Shall Inherit, a short volume of poems about the fictional Louis, a homeless man. who had much to teach us about being humble and discovering divinity in the most unlikely of characters.

Next, following an event that can only be likened to the dam finally breaking and a rush of words bursting forth from one such as Rumi or the very Beloved, Paul went into the studio with musician Tom Jacobs to create the Spoken Word CD Wild Joy Released: The Ecstatic Poetry of Paul Goldman. The meditative Spoken Word ecstatic poems with the vocal and guitar accompaniment of Tom Jacobs was praised as being a source of solace and a still point where a deep peace awaited.

Paul next published Wild Joy: Ruminations, which dove deeper into the reckoning of one’s own divinity and a quick realization that each one of us is loved just for who we are, nothing more and certainly nothing less. Award-winning author Mark Scheel offered high praise for Wild Joy Released saying,” …a tsunami of the soul is sweeping over humankind, and Paul Goldman, with his Sufistic voice is there, fully in the vanguard, helping to define and shape its Divine message of love, healing and joy.”

As the message of his poetry deepened, so did Paul’s own quest. Within six months of becoming a Oneness Blessing Giver in 2010, his latest work, Journey Into Oneness, had been written. Confirming that a hand Divine was at work not only in the delivery of these poems, Paul quickly found a publisher for this work, O-Books, United Kingdom.

Journey Into Oneness is available for purchase internationally at any online bookseller or in person at your favorite bookstore.

Journey into Oneness




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