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Our Voice Now ~ Humanity's Team
Tuesdays at 9:30 EST - 8:30 pm CST - 6:30 PST

With Hosts Sarah Applegate and Andy Belle

As the hosts of Our Voice Now we share views on various topics that interest todays generation. Opening to diverse life experiences and views, we invite other young people from around our world to share their stories and opinions.We cover a wide variety of topics which address important issues that affect each of us. While this radio show is intended to bring teens together to strengthen our voice many adult listeners find the show just as enlightening givings them a positive new perspective and understanding of the now generation. We aim to empower everyone and help people grow and learn. Representing Humanity’s Team youth we do this while promoting ideas of oneness and unity. Giving OUR generation a VOICE NOW will unite us in our effort to transform the future of our world.

Sarah Applegate ~ Sarah Applegate is a teen who loves performing, spending time with friends and family, reading books and watching T.V. shows like Leverage and Bones. Her mom is a spiritual teacher and author who taught her how to tap in to her intuition this knowledge gives her a different perspective than other people her age. Sarah uses this to help teens understand the world around us and the concept of oneness. Sarah plans on going to college for broadcasting to continue sharing her thoughts as well as bringing other peoples thoughts into the light..

Andy Belle ~ Andy Belle is teen that loves theater, music, and film. She has been involved with Humanity's Team many years with her mom. Andy's mom has taught her healing and meditation for most of her life. She uses her less than average upbringing to analyze the world around her and to think of solutions to the problems around her. She loves trying new things and helping others. She is very interested in media, TV, and film.


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