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Peace Begins with Me!





"Peace Begins with ME!"

With host: Len Ellis

Len (Leonard) Ellis volunteers in the community as a peacemaker. He serves on the Board of three different nonprofits: the Dallas Peace Center, Peacemakers Incorporated, and Unity of Arlington.

More than being a presence on each of these boards, Len takes an active role in the community by teaching and modeling peacemaking techniques. He works with others to teach and promote workshops such as BePeace and Compassionate Communications (NVC). He is an active promoter of an annual 64-day event called “A Season For Nonviolence”, bringing practical ways to the individual level to interact in peaceful ways.

He writes a monthly column with the same name as this show "Peace Begins with ME!" He believes so strongly in these peacemaking efforts, he enthusiastically spends many hours each week working with others to promote peace in our world; moreover, it is his way of showing up in the world.

Len is founder and co-director of Peace and Justice Center-Arlington. He is an active member of Veterans For Peace, and has been nominated for, and accepted as, an Ambassador For Peace by the International Federation for World Peace.  Len has also been recognized and honored by the Foundation For Pluralism for his efforts in promoting peace.

After the 9-11 tragedy, Len traveled to New York City, collected and brought back ashes from the World Trade Center to create and build the first physical memorial to 9-11 in Texas


Kristi Bingham, a yoga teacher and musician from Arlington, Texas, wants to share with you her aim for truth and peace on the planet. In order to achieve this with our fellow man, we must first search deep within our lives and our hearts. This song, true to its name, acknowledges that "Peace Begins With Me!"

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