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SPARKS with HeatherAsh Amara
Tuesdays at 12:30PM CST



I want you to be free. And fiery.

Free of shame. Free of fear. Free of limitations. Free to choose. Free to be the brightest, most audacious, brilliant, creative, present, connected, spacious YOU you can be.

So join me in a journey. Every Tuesday, for a half hour, tune in live to be inspired to celebrate your freedom... The freedom to make mistakes without punishing yourself endlessly. The freedom to laugh when you take something personally. The freedom to embody the patience you need to rewire your thinking. The freedom to do your best, without judgment. The freedom to find stillness in the chaos. The freedom to love yourself fully. The freedom to soar. The freedom to let your inner fire burn so brightly you are a super nova of love.

This is my heart fire to yours. Tuesdays from 12:30 to 1 pm central on Co-Creator Radio Network. Free.

Keep your fire blazing by signing up now for my Daily Sparks, a tiny inspirational email that comes into your inbox each day. www.heatherashamara.com


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