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Tiffany Masters was born a gifted, sensitive child and has continued to be that way all her life. She has always had the heighten sensibilities of seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing. As a life-long intuitive whose unique gifts include an amazing ability to read client's energetic fields, wounds, and lessons, she helps to bring her clients back into harmony and alignment.

As an Intuitive, Mystic, Teacher, and Visionary, Tiffany's clients include individuals, business owners, spiritual teachers and healers, celebrities, physicians, and people from all walks of life, in many different countries, with an array of backgrounds and life experiences. She has traveled and studied many different cultures and traditions all over the world. Prior to working publicly as an Intuitive Consultant, Tiffany worked in small companies such as a family owned winery in Napa Valley on up to corporate America in the telecommunications field and bond market.

Tiffany's work has helped many people understand their spiritual connection, find peace on their life journey, learn how to use their own spiritual gifts, and create powerful transformation in their life. She has worked with thousands of clients with her intuitive readings and is now training people to use their spiritual gifts and abilities in empowering and life changing ways.


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