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Ken Ludwig


Websites: www.makingitoutalive.com

E-mail: kenludwig@makingitoutalive.com




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"What We're Thinking About"

Join Ken Ludwig for the most inspiring interviews and commentary on internet radio. Ken brings you outstanding guests from the world of new thought, self actualization, personal growth, spirituality and some of the most recognized names in the business success and coaching arenas. Ken also has a blast interviewing the most talented inspirational musicians on the planet who contribute to our lives on all levels. Through his intelligence and quick wit Ken talks about the current state of affairs and tells his tales in an entertaining and engaging way that you will not want to miss. When he does not have a guest, Ken invites you to call in so that he may guide you through a challenge that you are experiencing, call in at 512-772-1938.

Ken Ludwig is a speaker, coach and radio talk show host. He has been sharing his inspirational story of living a more conscious and spiritual life to national audiences for many years through diverse mediums. Like many children of the 60's, Ken thoroughly enjoyed the sex, drugs and rock & roll lifestyle that gave him an up close and personal look at the bottom of the barrel. Today, Ken still rocks, but now he does it with a passion for a spiritual practice that saved his life, many times over. Combining the common threads between quantum physics, neuroscience, metaphysics and out-of-the-box coaching techniques, he presents coherent, meaningful, and easy to understand tools to rewire your brain and build the life you desire and deserve.

Ken is a coaching licensee with Business Growth Solutions, a Licensed Practitioner for the United Centers for Spiritual Living and a certified Career Intuitive Coach. You can hear more from Ken on his other radio show, “Making It Out Alive” on Spirit Media Network. He makes a difference teaching and supporting the teens and young adults at Mile Hi Church, one of the largest new thought centers in the world. He is also a regular presenter at The Red Door Sanctuary in Denver, Colorado. Ken is immensely grateful to Barry Ebert, the composer and performer of his theme song, "What We're Thinking About", and many others that are played on the show. You can find Barry's music on iTunes and CDBaby or go to www.BarryEbert.com.








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